Have you ever…?

Have you ever working under rain and thinking of life?
Have you ever feel so sad but don’t really know the reason why?
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every one feels sad ness mimi.

Look in your heart and u will find the love over welm you!!
I know all too well!
cheers hug comfort
Thanks, A.
No - never felt that ! Always know the reason why.
yes i sure haveteddybear
hahahaha, I'm watching...blues
btw I love all those rainny days!!! I love to run under the rain...I was born in a rainny and Blessed day!!!yay

Something was wrong with me, I guess.
I just make a “research” to see if there is anyone “un-normal” like me!
Johntheraven1, handshake
Hugh1 dear,
I love rainy days too…
But I normally feel sad…
Don’t really know why…
Too bad!
Well based on the replies you have so far, I am the one who is "un-normal".(Its abnormal by the way).
But I probably wont let it worry me too much....
Dear How1e,
Thanks for the correction.
About the mood, yes, I always try hard for that to keep myself happy always… BUT… why everything normally has a “BUT”? :-(

You are a kind sweet woman, You have a lot to offer a man...Or maybe a woman if that your thing...(joking about the woman)...

If you could only realize how good a person u are?

EVERY ONE....How good is mimi?

You will see!
cheers hug
Dear A,

Thanks for the sweet words.
I know that you are sweet-words-man to all of ladies :-)

P.S. Talk later, I need to leave office for school now. wave
its love in general mimi...

I can be faithful, loyal to you know....
Im single and doing nothing wrong?...

Take care...I have to go as well!
hug comfort comfort comfort comfort
Hi A,
My previous post was a joke.
I know ur single and all are for fun, and all ladies also know, I guess, don’t worry. :-)
Take care and have a nice Monday!
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