thank goodness

i just cant resist commenting, i have to say a big thanks to all the hunky guys that do still exist its good to know that lonely ladies still have alot to choose from. Cheers gentleman u all rock, faith restored happy lady mwahx
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what about the chunky guys ???????? blues
rolling on the floor laughing how short adam? drinking
yeah lady, right...!!! moping
not short at all .
blues what a relief!!! comfort
relief ????????????????????
see thats the problem, how we percieve the opposite gender and give them power, im not lonely, and i do not classify men as hunks, i classify them as my equal.
skittle, you seem to be suffering from that well known condition "equality obsession". and ive just noticed that's reflected in what you're looking for.....interesting.
yeah...adam, you got confused me too dunno I don't know anymore is a relif or not!!! Did you read the preview jed blog with a nice secretary? laugh
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