LOVE - Its all in a day off

Love?? heart beating heart wings Its all in a day off

I went to sleep last night thinking of you, I woke this morning you were my first thought

When my day started Monday it was like any other monday. Same Coffee, same tunes on NRJ radio,
they rotate the same 6 they have in their collection,

Then I signed on cs, I looked again at the flower you had sent, and something told me to email you,
what happened then, surreal,

Shall I go into detail, no some things are best kept between the two of us, special

today tuesday, i reflect on monday, how did that flirting change to something so deep to something such fun

yes, i agree, i will always remember monday

dedicated to- Mon amour, Caryriad
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I will have to learn (master) that french language of yours to understand fully your blog,and who knows ? maybe one day i'll get to listen to that NRJ radio too


Enjoy your Tuesday feeling-another fella got lucky too on Monday

Merci Becks, comme d'abitude tu est trés gentil kiss blushing

Mais si tu veu, vien ici pour les cours Français

hug kiss
one suspects my friend becks, that subliminal messages, are sublime.
Embedded image from another site
Love is so sweet!blushing blushing wink

........grin doh frustrated

(shouting in anger--Google translator help )
doh Becks

J'ai aideé toi, c'est ma plaisir blushing

Let me help you wink
@ gotitall, @ Becks please i no understand rolling on the floor laughing

@ Hugh1 - Hopefully this is the full lenght you about to see unfold, I trust you brought plenty of popcorn wink

@ Jackweb - I think confused you may have something there

cheers wine beer handshake hug
love is the answer!!

Got to go now!!
have a good day!comfort hug
@ Ben & Gotitall,

I'm better out of here before i start flirting again

motorcycle motorcycle motorcycle
wave awwww livin in the dream, that is so sweet, everyone deserves to have that feeling, sorta gives you the tingles doesnt it,hope it truly works out for you heart wings .....wink im only winking, livin in the dream, cuz apparently thats the new thing here dunno
wave Skittledattle

handshake Thank you ,,Merci

as for the wink don't ask me cos i dunno

Enjoy your day hug
hug thanks livin a dream, i will have a great day, always think positive for good changes, hope you 2, plus do need to say again, damn your a really sweet bouquet of flowers..bouquet

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