lets rock the world with love and peace...................dancing
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which way is the north-west frontier, for the taliban, peace parade.
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yes, right, NE let's be the atomic number 10!!! grin
hugh i got some shrapnel in my butt, can you look at it for me.
friends of mine actually live in pakistan, recently 2 christians shot as a result of religious morals and values, and the flood that occurred not even a month ago, left many stranded, homeless, troups with different agendas enforcing uncivial rites, totally agree....peace, love and end war...sad flower this pic you didn't show your botton .... butt moping
skuttle stop pretending you have friends, its not nice to tell lies.
yes, put all the people into one bag... nice comments...
snowed in
sorry dear...
happy birthday
now hugh, anything for you.
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dude that owns this blog as nothing to say?

in any case ...idea
Nah never mind!doh
Love and peace...sounds really good Smartcall. Looks like some people on here have forgotten that we're all human and not to lump all people of one race or place of origin all together.
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