lets try 68

A man says to his wife, lets try a 68!

The wife says a 68???? What's that?

The husband says you pleasure me and I'll owe you onelaugh
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Very good, any more? rolling on the floor laughing
how to do this????rolling on the floor laughing
laugh laugh lets do the otherway,you pleasure me and i owe one,we quit next timelaugh laugh laugh nice one manthumbs up handshake cheers teddybear
68 technic is under construction.i need you to give me some new idea
but i think 68 would be a kind of 3sum
2 person tide pleasing each other like 8 then go to sleep
the third poor person should help from her hand or wait till next time
but you can keep on 69 till the time,new technic would be finisih
project manager
LOL I thought the 8 was a figure of 8 movement rolling on the floor laughing
mmhhh I thought was called Bj laugh

Wow Ms pixel put up a pic , not bad at all ...do you mind if i check u out once again ?rolling on the floor laughing
Persian man please tell me when its time to laugh, i think you forgot to write the jokey part.
Hey!! So you were the guy looking through the window at my marriage?angel My ex owes me so many but I'm guessing there are alot of women that can say the same thing! I know i love to please BUT............frustrated frustrated frustrated
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