Let's Be Happy!

Hi Dear Friends
Think a beat all the people in this world could be happy.
what a great life, everybody love others and no bad behavior appears.
there are lots of ways we can be more happy and help our friends be happy, but are they really feasible?
it's be too helpful if we share the feasible ways we use to be happy and also share how we use them.
let's have a helpful discussion.

What do you do to have calm and inner happiness?
and how you do it?
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happiness is inner feeling of contentment....and satisfaction for whatever u own or u have....coz if not...ull be sad..ull be unhappy...I AM SOOOO HAPPY....yay
i agree, happiness must originate from heart, & good thinking is the key, there are lots of outer way to be happy though!
tnx for posting...have a great day ahead...thumbs up
have anybody experienced early rising happyness?
i have experienced early rising for some months, and everything was changed in a week. even my work was full of exciting events wich were not on my control
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