women and men .....

why always if man talk about woman in some thing bad she start to say bad thing about him , and in the same in other said if woman say some thing bad on man he start .... i'm not with both.
i just wondering .... ;)
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That's the nature of the beast...(me)...grin conversing cheers hug

Aaaand the b*tch in a woman...grin cheers hug hug drinking drinking drinking conversing cheers
carob morning,,who is the beast heregrin and who made the beast actuallygrin doh common young man,not all woman are thesame,,most womand love to gossip but not all bad things about you man...man are the real beast herehandshake cheers
i dont know what to say but i feel every one plame the other but both are wrong ....handshake
Hi Jeddah...grin
It was a moment of weakness in me...conversing
Me feel so shame...blushing blushing blushing blushing

But the b*tch in a woman is good sometimes...grin doh doh
It keeps a beast in me under control...grin doh doh cheers hug hug hug
carob, you beast, are you bitching again, bitchy women are sexy, something positively feline about them, enjoy them, i inflame them, just to watch the passion smoldering, uummmm
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I don't know.....maybe some people need to pay attention more to the warning signals laugh
You are right again...nice...love grin cheers hug
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