Mimi’s Love Story – Episode 1

What people usually think about a nice-looking-girl at 30+ has none experience in sex? American and European may think this is kind of unbelievable OR a silly girl. Asian is understandable but will definitely saying that there must some things abnormal. The girl either has ungentle characteristic OR she’s lesbian, for example. Mimi is sometimes also wonder… but she knows that she is totally normal, not lesbian, not abnormal at all.

5 years ago, when she was at her most beautiful ages, around 25s, there were many men chasing after her, not only the men same as her national, but also Asian from different countries, American, European. Anyway, All love letters and proposals had been rejected coz Tom is the only one in Mimi’s heart.

Mimi & Tom were studied at the same university, worked at the same company, lived in the same district.

Mimi has been born in a Vietnam Traditional family, far from the city but grew up, studied in the city and worked for a global western group several years. As the result, she is influenced by both family traditional and western’s behavior. Mimi is not so beautiful but her kind heart, sweet smile and lovely eyes may melt hearts of almost men that she met, evidences were most of them declared their love to her for the same reasons after knew her well.

Tom is different. His father is Italian, his mother is one of Miss Vietnam several 10 years ago. Vietnamese-Italian combination blood created Tom with such a perfect looks. He is the most handsome student in school, most gentlemen at work. When he walked on the street, most of girls looked at him as want to become his fans. There were many girls chasing after him too.

Mimi loves Tom not only coz of his handsome but also coz of a lot of other reasons, he is always an excellence student, always gave value advices when Mimi needs, and important, always interested in listening to ALL of life stuffs from Mimi.

Mimi asked: why do you love me?
Tom replied: two reasons, first is only you make me feel love! Second, I want to protect you, my sweetheart! (And he kissed Mimi on her forehead, like the kiss of a father to his daughter!)

Mimi & Tom dating each other for over 4 years. According to the culture, girls are not allowed having sex before married. Tom knows its and he never does any over limit to Mimi, even a kiss on lips. Mimi respects Tom so much for this.

September 2009, Mimi and Tom traveled together on a business trip. There was a mistake from assistant, Hotel over booked, there was only one room available. Mimi & Tom had to live together in the same room, one bed!
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waste years of your life, holding on to virginity, and he might leave you after 6 months, only women are that foolish, virginity, is not that precious, a commodity any more, holding on to virginity, wasting years of your life, guarantees nothing, other than the fact, you have probably wasted the best years of your life, men dont reward foolishness, they never did, and they never will. sad flower
Dear Ben,
Thanks for your comments, hope you “enjoy” the last parts of this episode love story :-)
*** Continue ***

Two nights were passed, two people in love, in one room, one bed, no sex, no even kiss on lips! Normally, on business trips Mimi and Tom were talked over the night. But on the last night of that trip, Mimi was too tired, she slept right after finished some reports without any talks to Tom.

The next morning, Mimi woke up, Tom was not in the room and Mimi saw a note wrote:

“Mimi, I can’t continue see your life like this, I have to quit job and leave Vietnam, leave everything including my family. Please help to submit a resigning letter for whatever reasons! P.S. check email only after you were back home”

Mimi rushed to the laptop, open email…

“My dear,
Over 4 years were passed since the date I officially declared my love to you. What can I do to return you those precious period ages years? I dare not asking you to forgive me but I do hope you will meet a real gentlemen and be happy with him, not same as me…
Forget me, Mimi, I’m not deserved for your love…

Mimi cleaned tears and packed luggage returning company, she submitted resignation letter on behalf of Tom even she didn’t understand what had actually happened.

Mimi’s phone rang, Tom’s mother called and said want to meet Mimi for a talk. Mimi cried like baby and could not believe in what she had heard… Tom is actually a gay! He wants very much to live as a real man life and he hopes Mimi could help. Tom admires Mimi coz of her sweetheart, and Mimi is the only girl whom can be closed to Tom as if a lover. But Tom was not able to win himself. He has no s*xual attractive with girl and Mimi is not an exception. He is even not able having sex with girl though he wants very much.

Mimi remember the latest night with Tom on the trip, during sleeping, Mimi had a feeling like somebody kissed slightly on her lips, and then she felt her face wet as if lying under rain...

Tom left Vietnam for US already about a year and didn’t call Mimi for a single time. Tom's mother is still keep in touch with Mimi just to talk about her worries for her only son somewhere in US.

Mimi sad. But perhaps if Mimi meet Tom, Mimi could tell Tom that, Mimi does not regret the time Mimi had spent for Tom. Mimi thinks that is our fate.

Mimi now is happy with current single life. Mimi hopes Tom is living happy too, and don’t forget that Tom still has family with mommy, daddy, and a friend, Mimi, (as your best friend, FOREVER).

that's very nice my friend
He may be a nice guy...and kind and a good friend..as I see, but sorry to say..He was selfish..He should tell you that he is a gay ..and do not let you hope that one day he will love you as a man.
He was not honest with you...and you had lost the best years of your life..
That's my opinion..just my opinion.
If you are happy that you loved him so many years...that's an other story..and it is your life!hug
Dear John and Giean,
Thanks for reading… :-)
Ms. Keesy45 dear,

I used to think exactly same as you. But what can I do in this case, Ms,? If I keep to feel regret and blame on him, can I have my over 4 years ages back? Things were passed, I prefer to look in to tomorrow, better that ways....

P.S. There is a lesson.
Man in love, and never touch his girlfriend as kind of s*xual harassment, doesn’t mean that he respects. This is a basic lesson, but I didn’t know. He looks manly and nobody knows he is a gay, actually.
mimi, are you a ladyboy, ?
When I was 25 yo, I and my ex-bf were a partner in the same company. One day we had to attend a two days one night seminar outside town. The event started from 9am to 1am with some coffee break & praying time. The fact EO booked only one room in the hotel for us, i couldn't stay in one room together with him, as an MC for this seminar it was easy for me to know all the attendees. I finally slept with two other women from another company, we asked for an extra bed.
The next day my ex-bf told me that he couldn't sleep ... laugh
It is normal for Asian women over 30s or even over 40s that has no experience in sex. I ever think in opposite way for a man, but since I watch movie "40 years old virgin" so there could be a normal western man over 40s too that has no sex experience.

You have a nice story Mimi wave
In Asia, people do not always talk about "sex" or "virginity" as often as the west. but i notice, on this site, it is always asian women who always talk about this topic.
Hahaha… Ben, rolling on the floor laughing
This is the funniest question I have ever received!
Anyway, I don’t think you expect from me an answer.
You know its, I guess. :-)
Anyway, what people think doesn’t matter to me at all!
I know who I am and my friends know me, that is enough :-)
Thanks again for reading my story :-)
Dear Davinadia,

About sleeping in the same room with Tom on business trip, in my case, there was really no other choice.

Regarding to 30s or even over 40s that has no sex experience… I don’t know how to say… To me, I know there are many real reasons, and I know that there are many people, not only Asian but also American, European also know very well.

But in fact, whenever had any talks relative to sex, both face to face with some real friends/colleagues in life or online discussions, I normally feel like as I’m a silly girl, raised up too many stupid questions/ideas, result from none experience at my ages, cause of many ridiculing as if I’m a REAL foolish girl OR having some problems with my sexuality.

I wrote my story just hope with little contributing an example for those people whom feel hard or difficult to understand why a nice-looking-girl, no foolish, none problem with sexuality, but no experience in sex at her 30s.

Thanks for your nice words on my story.
I’m glad that you enjoy it :-)
Dear Janmei,

I read some of your blogs and your discussions around CS. I was think you were different. But now, I’m a bit surprised when you find that my bog was something about "sex" or "virginity".

Anyway, to reply your concerning looks as if a question, what I can say is… just… everything happens for at least a reason.

I didn’t noted that Asian women who always talk about "sex" or "virginity" in this site actually, but what I can see the subjects which they talked that you say "sex" or "virginity", all were not dirty and logical to me to understand their reasons, as an Asian.
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