I want to try different things in the bedroom with my boyfriend and I was thinking maybe a threesome with another girl... Need so advice on how to possibly go about this. We both don't want a girl that we know so I could possibly find someone on here :) x
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You may just ask. I think a straight approach is best.
this either works to enhance, or destroys relationships, there is no middle ground, if he enjoys her, more than you, it can hurt, and it stays, niggling, think long and hard, if what ye have is very special, dont risk it.
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Well said Mr Ben,..handshake handshake cheers
Is it your idea or your bf idea? If its his,suggest you find a male and see at his reactions ! You can definitely take more than he is capable of giving

dunno dunno dunno
this i idea is so f***ing bad

when you start things like that than forget the hole realtionship
@ mr.salival
i agree,as for me,there is no respect for both of you when you do that,,,,,but you know the consequences if that would happen....
so....its up to you!dunno dunno dunno
To each his own but be prepared for the possible consequences
You should start with full body saran wrap, even if you get a case of genital warts from an anonymous sex partner, this WILL haunt you for yearsmumbling
my personal opinion, and im talking from experience, If you want your relationship to fail horribly (no matter how open-minded or broad-minded you both are), its TROUBLE. Serious. I was married for 20 years and the last 7 years my ex-husband and I experimented a lot in the bedroom. To cut a long story short. I divorced him and ended up in a lesbian relationship for 11 months. Sorry to put this bluntly - "I LIKE MY MEN" ...... Good Luck anyhow, after all it is your call.
I find hard to believe that someone who really is looking for a threesome would put their face on an worldwide ad like this ....

am I too skeptical ?
i can't help there i am more of a one woman man i have no experience in such things but i wish you the best of luck .
i was wondering... What's a twelvesome when threesome could be acccepted as "change" so easily ? A bloody damn nothing. Numbers don't count anymore ! So ...why don't you jump directly to something real big, dear ! comfort
.....I was thinking maybe a threesome with...till here was interesting...but..sigh yawn moping ANOTHER GIRL???!!!..hm..I thought..WITH ANOTHER MAN!!!!laugh grin doh

Le plastique..e fantastique!!!laugh
in your bedroom make sex with a man not with a woman or may be sex with me dear. tryed
i agree with Got it all, Becks and Blain x. Try it he may like it,but then who needs another woman when they got a babe that looks like u.
If things in the bedroom are that dull that you would consider a threesome, i think you should start asking yourself if the relationship is actually working. do you love him? if so, why do you feel you're not enough for him? I think it would lead to hurt but if its what you want to do I'd recommend being careful about it because you really never know with people
J bunny...
She is probably the one that would like a female...grin doh hug
i somehow doubt that...tongue
Carob &J Bunny,

Or,she is an Attention seeker !
The worst on blogs is when some of them come with a blog and then disappear without a thank you comment
dancing dancing dancing
Her and the bf are practising the new moves... cheers hug

So they can impress the third party...rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing hug
is the world going insane, there's alot of guys out there willing to experiment alot with one partner, he is not satisfied with just you and your doing this because of him.....then you're in for trouble....but if its your choice to make him happy...then think again....I think you both making each other happy is more important then one side of the whole thing....
go for it, video it and stick it on redtube....but dont come crying when its all gone pear shaped dunno
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