same sex

i am thing in this matter more time , why and how !!!!!!!!??
i like to say about this just look at the animals you will not
see someday dog on dog (male )or dog on dog (femal) we can learn
something from the animals.
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rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing :roll

I think you did't see a lot of animals....
What about cow on copw????did you see???laugh

I think that humans learned from animals...or some humans are just intelligent animals..zzzzzzlaugh
alas, we are human, though some might adjudge us as animals, in no small measure, but we are human, we have free choice, to throw our hearts,and bodies, in whatever direction we choose, to each his own, many animal species practice homosexuality, your analogy is incorrect, that but simply advertises the fact, that we are human, the inhumanity to man, comes from man, let us be kind to each other, in all our differences, for that in itself, will but make us more human.
correct..cow on cow..sorry!
could you turn back the hand of time????, it's their thing devil
thanks kessy45
i see more animals in my life and i was read more about the animals
just the mouse he do same sex (male) if the femal not available
in the group and if the a count of (female) less ,you cand add
this information ,
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