Irish boys!!

Hello Ireland!

My girl and I are coming for a holiday to Ireland next Summer and we will want some guys to accompany us and maybe show us around.. Any single boys out in the Irish neighborhood want to chat??

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You are needed here my friend...grin grin grin conversing cheers hug
Jim... man what you talking about you are in where...???
And a lady needs help where...heeeeloooo is anybody listening...

cheers grin cheers drinking drinking drinking hug
Im so Far Faaar away !! and Im not A man !! Nop ..I Can't help you sorry
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

And good luck for your searchin' applause

Well kylealea, i reccomend you...Becks72 ! Is the greenest irish i know arround !grin

She is 6' tall bro,
I would look like Danny De Vitto in front of her

confused confused
I live in Ireland, the land of enchantment, it is a place of bogs, and misty mountains, ruinous castles, and tumbledown old graveyards, it is populated with a charming people, forgiving, welcoming, and with mischief dancing in their eyes, enjoy your time here, in the land of enchantment me darlin girl, ben irish
My friend...does it matter ?grin Horizontal has a very particular way of absorbing the differences !rolling on the floor laughing wink

hug cheers cheers
Becks...So least you would be the first to stand and give a good lick...grin grin grin grin

Shit did I say that aloud...doh doh doh cheers hug

I was hoping you would be my partner Schwartzeneger,dont let me down on this one mate

dancing dancing dancing


What was that ?

confused confused


Thats why they say live and learn,it seems i've got a lot to catch on

sorry becks, carob, seen me first, im his b*tch now. rolling on the floor laughing
I'll look after ya. how long will you be staying in our fair nation ?cheers
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