Sad and Happy...

I read somewhere the girl saying that she thinks she is neither pretty nor sexy. She wishes to change her looks to be more attractive for easier finding her love. I think I understand how she feels. I wish for her all the best and soon find out her lover one day…

Anyway, I’m thinking of my case… I ALWAYS THINK that I’m pretty and sexy!! lol - But it's not easy for me to find my love too!

I’m neither choosy nor picky.
I several times felt in love (or at least felt want to be in love) with a man that I don’t even know his face!
I love his witty joke ways.
I want to know more about him.
I wish his location near to me.
I wish he hugs me in his arms.
I wish to kiss on his face when he joked!
Is that love? daydream

Sometime in my life, I felt living lonely is too sad. I wanted to agree starting "the love" to one of those people whom declared his love to me. To have lover and to know what is the real "love", as many others. I really wanted that. BUT, my mood and heart did not listen to my head. They were fought each other. Two beat one. Head lost. I continue staying with lonely mood and heart, keep my hope that one day I will find out my real love somewhere, and be with him until the end of my life, and the next life too (if he also wants that)… lol

Some friends of mine gave up pushing me in relationship and said I should more open my heart as if tomorrow will never comes, I know this. BUT, I chose to live for today, hope (but do not expect too much) on tomorrow. The fruit is sweetest if we know exactly the right time to pick its from the tree. Currently, I’m still living single and normally feel lonely, yes, but I do happy that, excepted love, I have almost of other things that I need for my basic life.

I mean, there are many people out there, some don’t have a job, some lost parents, some don’t have even a small house to live, some don’t have good jackets to warm up body in the winter, some don’t have enough foods to eat, etc… I have all of these… why have to be unhappy?! roll eyes
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Yes MIMI I like your last paragraph. I have a sentence that I heard of "Be Content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you." wave
Mimi, i know how it feels. Well.. For me,, happyness can't be found. But,it should come from our mind.
If our mind happy,then everything would be perfect.
It's cliche,,but it works.
Hi Yanners,

Welcome to my bog!

I saw your post this morning but was too busy to have some minutes for composing a responding.

I don’t really be content with what I have, actually! lol
I always wish my life could be better as the result I have to learn and work hard for that. (But still there is not much better! lol)

But what I was tried to say is… I saw there are many people feel too bad and too sad that they are not able to find their love even they are still very young (I consider under 30s is too young). I just hope they know that in this life, there are many other things which much more suffering than without love at their ages. That is the main message of my blog.

My lunch time,
Thanks again for sharing your ideas on my blog.
Have a nice rest of Monday!

Thanks for the visit.
How much do you know about my feeling, dear? :-)
Thanks for your ideas, too.
And have a nice rest of Monday at work, too :-)

well..i dont know your feelings so much.
i've felt that way when i had a love with a perfect man ( i guess ) and he said i was not good enough for him. crying

I'm 33 y.o and i've been searching my man until now. In my country, there is a big mark question, why a woman whose age over 30 something has not getting married,yet.
But, i try to set my mind to be happy. I have a job in a small office, i have friends, i have beautiful nieces and nephews, i have brothers and sisters, etc.

And have wonderful Monday for u, Mimi.bouquet

Well, about your man. I think you needless be SAD for you but FOR HIM! Whom does he think he is?? What makes him thinks that you are not good enough?? Maybe only from his BS mind!! :-)

I understand what you said, there are many people told me the same story as you do. I don’t have that experience with such kind of man. My cases, I ONLY feel deeply hurt when a man loves me sincerely, respects me so much, but I am not able to love him back, for some reasons (the distance or he is married or in relationship or he has some problem with his heath… for instance). IF there is any man dare to say/or think that I’m not good enough for him, I will look at him worth just a piece of s… no more! no less! :-)

Be happy, my friend! My country the same, single at 30s+ is abnormal! But I don’t care, really. I rather being single than get married with a man that I am not able to feel love. That’s terrible when he wants to kiss me, I guess. :-)
Mimi, as far as what I have read from your blogs, you're always showing me a very sensitive, tender and considerate heart! Sometimes you care about others even more than yourself..but remember to be strong always, your scent of kindness and sweetness will be wafted to everywhere and last for your entire life, till someone who really appreciate this. I hope you will also find your true love! hug

To touching. crying
Wow, Yan, I didn’t expect such nice words! blushing lol
In my life, I heard a lot of compliments but yours is very different and special. Thanks again, dear. hug
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