What's up with that?

I've never put up a blog before, but this issue is like a worm crawling under my skin and i thought why not get it off my chest.

There are many regulars out there who know me, mostly through my posts. I'm not an attention whore, I try to avoid ranting and mostly I just try to be happy and cheer up those around me.
Light hearted i guess.

On my profile I've made sure to make it clear I'm not looking for anything serious right now, just friends. And to the credit of most guys on here, the hint is taken.

However, the son of an old family friend found me on FB, started talking to me and over weeks did his best to grow on me like a fungus.
I enjoyed our talks, but he lives 3 hours away. He didn't have a problem with that. I told him the bare honest truth about what's going on in my life, some of it not so easy to handle. He accepted it and still persisted.
This guy wore down my resolve, we made plans to meet last weekend. The night before he stops contacting me. He says his baby niece dropped his phone in the toilet and when he went to get it fixed the next morning he got a flat, then his car wouldn't start.
Hmm, okay. Shit happens. But he's got a new phone, we barely spoke. He gets his car fixed, we made plans yet again for this weekend. I don't hear from him all day saturday. I leave him a message telling him that barring something horrible happening there's no excuse b/c he'd have known something was comming up that would prevent him from meeting the night before and that if something happend to change that saturday morning, he could have texted me to let me know.
He says 'oh my brother came up unexpectedly, we were working on my car. First replacement part was bad. But it's working now'
Hmmm. We talk, i tell him i really don't want someone so inconsiderate towards me as a boyfriend. And that if this was going to set the standard of his behavior, we should just end it.

He keeps apologizing, asking if i can forgive him and that he'll make it up to me. Finaly i told him to stop saying it and just do it. He askes what I want him to do (for all the men out there, baaaaaad example of what to do). I said honestly I wanted him to kiss my a** to make it up, he said alright.

We were up until 1a.m. on FB talking, he was babysitting his niece and nephew, waiting on his sis to get back so he could drive up to see me. He said 'y don't you go catch a nap' and i said b/c honestly i feared the moment i did, it would be the last i would get to talk to him until sometime the next night. That something else would come up and he would yet again not be coming up. He promised i'd hear from him in the morning and that he'd txt me when he headed out.

Well, I got to hear from him when I woke. There unsuprisingly was a problem on his end, so i compromised and said i could meet him half way, he agrees. He says he'll call me when he heads out...

No contact since.

My question is this: Is he ashamed of his behavior? Ashamed of me, Maybe he lied to me about something and is afraid of me finding out?

Or are a lot of men really just like this? Unintentionally out to restore women's distrust in men just when it's in danger of failing.
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I think, there are 2 cases, EITHER he is a lier and wants to hide his devil from you, OR, he found somethings in you that not his real ideal match, he wants to escape from relationship but he doesn’t want to be the one who say the word goodbye.

Maybe you should give him more space and consider again if you should continue spend your time for him or stop for other better relationship.

I've said my good bye's to him, weather or not he bothered to notice isn't my problem.

My problem is why do guys even bother putting in the effort this one did to get my attention and keep it just to do this?

It bothers me.

And hell no i don't have low self esteem cool
I love blue eyes Tnpseudonym!! blushing

Dont give up pretty lady, U will find a good man!!
Just keep looking!

comfort cheers peace
rolling on the floor laughing

Hey now jim, even roses can smell like shit sometimes... some people calling shit, others call it fertilizer! tongue

I prefer to think that I for one am fertilizing my career rolling on the floor laughing
I just sent you a message to introduice my self to you then checked your blog. Not all dudes are like that. A few problems are understandable. But that seems like way too many. If all that did happen to him and you tolerated it. He should go way way the extra mile to make it up to you. Also be aware that there may be some one else that you are being put on the back burner for. But this is just my oppinion. You have to decide what you wont and what is best for you.
hmmm maybe I am wrong but you do sound a tiny bit clingy .... And guys even some ladies don't like that ..... Sorry just being honest ...
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