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Hey party people aright well i consider myself a kind of a music buff and in my many nights of drinking and debauchery i have found that there are a few songs that you just shouldn't listen to when you have a few to many and your so drunk your convinced that your probably going to die i hope y'all can give me at least one song from your experiences here are 5 good ones from mine and why i avoid them

1. Whole lotta love - Led Zepplin. This song bye it self makes me feel high when im sober

2.I'm your boogie man - kc and the sunshine band. this was the theme music to the worst night of my life

3.White rabbit-Jefferson airplane. famous scene from the classic film fear and loathing but still apply s to real life.

4.Barbie girl- Aqua. last song id wanna f*cking die listening to
and makes me give up on human life period almost giveing into the darkness

5. 2112- rush. the last thing i need after a bottle of vodka is to be put into a twenty minute world where i cant tell when a song has started or ended because it hasn't
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OK apparently im the only one here with a drinking problem
like they say,always trust yourself and nothing else matters.(metallica).BE HAPPY!
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