I swear I try to get my best attitude , telling myself that this week is gonna be awesome and the begining of a new stage and blah blah blaaaaaaah-(new diet , more working out , etc)

...I Can't help it but I HATE MONDAYS!!!!!!!!!!

>It's like seeing again my boss' faceee... my workmateeeeees... the routineeee.. blah!

What's worse ... I'm supposed to come back to work all freshen up !! (because I had ONE day offf!! yepeee ?? uh oh )

14.58 Here and I'm looking forward to go homeee and be with my girl... that's the best time of the day for me...

When I knock at the door and I hear a lil voice that yells "Moooooooooooom!! My mom is baaaaack!!!" and then she running downstairs to surprise me or hide and jump in my arms with a " Moooommyyyy I missed uuu!!!"smitten

So even if I hate Mondays and routine, theres always something good about it... starting at 20.00 listening to a lil girl calling her mom :) smitten
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thats so sweet!!

Well the end part!!

cheers peace
Try working 7 days a week - in Alaska at a Fish processing plant frustrated and not seeing your family for 4-5 months at a time

You have it better than many many people in this world kiss
sweet...maybe ur looking for a baby sitter??
i can be.. eehehehe
I'm glad you feel that way...In other words f.u.c.k life its about me and my little girl...grin
Don't ever forget mater how down or tired you are...

cheers grin hug hug drinking drinking hug hug
well im reading this on Tuesday, so do you like Tuesdays any better.dunno
hahaha yeah I know i have it better than thousand or millions of ppl , I can work and I study and I have my lil girl , etc etc ...just I felt like complaining lol blushing
But it's true , when u come back home its like all "ahhhhhhhhhh finallyy :D" and doesn't matter anymore if boss bitches at u or if u had a terrible day or if u had loasd of projects going on... that lil voice will remind u why u do everything u do blushing wink
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