Rat Syndrome

I have been living alone now for 4 months now, and before that was never single, shit i think i am going to go crazy and i work from home, maybe i should just get a pet rat....lol
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I know the feeling mate. Dating sites are crap and you wink at a bird today and you are up for indecent exposure. Such is the rule woman have over us. I manufacture the best Ducking stools in the world. 5 seconds of your spouse under water brings them back to reality. Stops them mating with others or giving you scorn. The problem is that women have forced the law to get behind them. The law and politics should stay out of matrimonial matters and let the the men batter the women back into shape. It worked in the middle ages when women where kept behind the kitchen sink and made to cook sew and shag on demand. They have got above themselves and the benefit system has given them freedom to do just what they like.Divorce laws say they can take all from there ex spouse and then go on the town. They are responsible for high rates of social diseases and I hope they rot for what they are. They lay back in the hard work the previous man built up and copoulate with all and sundry. They call men,but when you seriously think, what they get up to it is shocking.They are all the same. BITCHES. So treat them accordingly .' The 5' fingers. Find them ,feel them ,finger them ,f--k them and forget them. They seem to like you for it.Don't feel lonely,feel happy and take the advantage of the five fingered widow over a good bluey. Do you really need someone like a female in your house,sizing up your wallet.car and houseprice. When the time is right she will take the bloody lot and get pissed and invite Joe bloggs into your bed. Buy my Ducking stool and lets get onto our political brothers,change the laws and make the Ducking stool our weapon against these foul creatures.Men must stand up and be counted. Bring back domestic violence and be happy again!!!!
Big Hugss Matt..Just know you are not alone..well..not alone in your position. I'm 49 and married most of my life...for real...married 1st time at 16 ..lasted 22 yrs...was divorced a year and remarried for 9 yrs. Now my soon to be ex has decided I'm not the *one* for him.

The silence is deafening....I'm attempting to stay busy...go window shopping and not think too much..lol.. All my friends are married..no one to hangout with :(

Rethink the rat...they are nasty little creatures..lol.

He took the dog and I'm actually kinda glad. Just trying to take care of myself.

I hope you find what you're looking for.

Sending good vibes your way
Considering that I have been on a 4 year dry spell since my divorce I would recommend that you get a cat for companionship. I have two cats and a dog. Cats are more independent than dogs and are so loyal. yay
my friend owns a rat at first i thought nasty dirty alley street rat.barf rolling on the floor laughing but she explained to me their very social loving animals great companions the pet store bought ones.roll eyes rolling on the floor laughing it was the first rat i ever held it kissed me groomed my eyebrows and eyelashes it really tickled me doing that.help rolling on the floor laughing it is a myth i believed also rats being filthy dirty diseased animals actually their constantly grooming themselves and each other very clean animals .professor my friend belongs to a rat owners club. laugh she and her adorable rat stole my heart.heart beating grin cheers
i am jealous with the rat...

i wish i am the rat :(
Matt, you're not going to go crazy. I am sure you'll find someone when the time's right. Try to enjoy the experience of living alone and take to time to know yourself. Sooner or later you'll see that sometimes in life we are our own best company.

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