What is a normal amount of sex for a healthy marri

I am curious about the normal amount of sex for a married couple. I want to make sure that my spouse is sexually fulfilled and happy. I found this article about the sex and married people, I am curious to hear what others have to say about the subject.
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Well, that sure makes sense.. why asking your spouse regarding her s*xual fulfillment when you can ask the CS crew wink
21 Is a good figure...grin doh
15 Is 2 times a day 3 on Sunday...conversing blushing hug
7 Is like nice but only happens at the beginning...crying
5 Is more realistic and I would consider it a healthy s*xual relationship...blushing conversing grin cheers hug hug
It really depends on how many girlfriends your spouse has, so make sure he has a couple at least and then he will probably be happy and fullfilled.
You ever heard of that word communication? I think the idea is that you talk about it with your spouse.
I believe ...

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Makis........... good point of view!!! I drink for this one!!! wine rolling on the floor laughing uh oh
Christmas & birthdays rolling on the floor laughing
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