A Man's Sad Story !

A man's sad story:

Yesterday was my Birthday

my wife didnt wish me or did my kids
I went to work and my friends didnt

I went to my cabin
my secretary said: Happy Birthday Boss

I felt special
Than I was invited to her Flat

She said:
Do U mind if I go into the Bedroom for a Minute?

I said :
OK !

She came out a Few minutes later with a large cake,
Followed by my Wife, Kids, & All my Friends,
& I was Waiting for her
Sitting on the Sofa NAKEDgrin
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Dream, dreaming,dreaming on...conversing conversing conversing confused grin doh cheers hug hug hug
geezzzzzzz!!!this is true or a joke???omgosh...its funny tragedy...if i was ur wife ill kick ur a** so hard...ull go out of the office naked too...LOLZ....rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
this got to to be bs
Heard this before head banger
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