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hi everyone would you rather be with someone from your own country are another country and what if our true love is from another country
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I have 2 countries and feel like a misfit in both....moping
I think I'll have to cross the border eventually!
Hey John,

Are we talking virtual love from different countries ?


comfort comfort comfort

Would you like a Noodle bath ?
if that's what you want sure
hey buddy!!wave
no john i'd rather be with someone 3000 miles from me in a different country . that way fore play lasts longer.confused rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing grin
good one my friend
follow your dreams brother .grin what happens is meant that way.angel
yea your right
no mr acubono is right .laugh
wave bro..i want to meet syc in person,,hi syclobwave cheers teddybear
i wanna meet my bf for real....depends on what we gunna decide.....ill cross the bridge when i get there..one thing for sure... i am willing to go wer my love is...i can sacrifice for the sake of love and familycheers cheers cheers
doing "crazy" stuff for love is awsome!!! if a guy ever did something like that for me, it will show me how much of commitment he is making, and proove me that love does exist doesnt matter how many miles away we are!!! i would love him to death...
too bad, that someone hasnt come yet:)
from this countrycheering
who knows where are true love really is i wish to find mine before the years end
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