Seeking the ideal partner II

In modern times that concept is not at all forgotten and remains not only as a myth but also as an ideal still vivid in the consciousness of people. Actually, the popular Modern Greek word for a couple is “androgen” meaning a man and a woman in perfect unity, existing together and forming a whole.

But how a man and a woman may coexist? Modern society has determined separate roles for a man and a woman, stereotypes of behavior and character. That covered societies need for maintaining stability, order and luck of confusion. Features like aggressiveness, determination, understanding, caring, will to take risks, shyness, affection, strength, dominance, warmth, independence are considered to be predominantly male or female ones. But all of the above are features of human character and every person should develop them in order to become complete and well balanced. If not, that person remains incomplete and somehow problematic.

It is of no use to seek in others what is absent in us, and expect them to cover our own needs and voids, by asking them to borrow us something that is not ours and offering something ours in exchange. This is a commercial approach to life, society and existence in general. This way we will never be complete. Borrowed elements may be taken away from us anytime. They are not ours anyway.

In order to become perfect and complete we seek the ideal partner according to our own stereotypes and the demands of society. But in order to co-exist and have a proper relationship with our partner it is important that we both have a balanced character and a complete personality. If not, it will be very difficult to maintain equilibrium, trouble will arise soon and the end of the relationship is somehow inevitable.

As a conclusion only balanced persons and complete characters may establish and maintain a healthy relationship. The others are doomed to live life as incomplete beings searching in vain for a partner.

P.S. Since the text which started all this discussion is about the ideal man, I think it’s useful at this point to write a few words concerning the ideal woman in order to present the other part of the equation. As a matter of fact, the ideal woman as most of men see it has two main characteristics… a square head and big ears. It’s a common sexist joke about the usefulness of women which clearly is to fulfill the s*xual and some practical needs of men, mainly o*al sex and the need to have where to put the beer bottle. That simplistic concept fully complies with the general stereotypes of manhood and relationships from the man’s point of view and reflects the immaturity of men when it comes to these matters, which is somehow accepted by modern society and many women. That is a very important matter with effects which should be considered very seriously.
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