WTF is up with LOL and ROFL???!!!!!!!

Have you ever come across people who feel compelled to end every sentence in textual form with either lol or rofl, especially when talking about things that aren’t even supposed to be funny? For those of you who have no clue what these terms mean, I commend you, and suggest that you stop reading right now.

Ok twentysomethings, (yes I am aware I am a twentysomething) now that I have your (notoriously short) attention, can you imagine if these same conversations were actually in person (for those of you who can remember what actual face to face contact is like) and the other person ended each of their sentences by laughing out loud? How f*cking odd would that be? Don’t even get me started on the rolling on the floor laughing nonsense. The only time that happened to me was when I struck up a conversation with an epileptic. He ended up rolling on the floor and I ended up laughing, but I fear that that is not what the original meaning of rofl is.

Seriously though, if every sentence spluttered out by someone ended in them laughing, you would run away thinking they were pretty deranged. Facebook f**kers, take note. Unless we curb this bollix now it will only get worse. I can only imagine the conversations…

Gobshite 1: “heard your mam died lol”
Gobshite 2: “cheers. she died of cancer. only 50 years old rofl”

That is all…
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I stopped reading when u said cause i have no clue...Except i end sentences with smiles! tongue

Oh if u need guitar advise you need to talk to a man called


Ps ...
wave ...wink
take care!
handshake cheers
thanks..I'm picking it up slowly but surely. Probably should consider just getting lessons.....confused
Well i read your profile ...
As you probably realize all ready , so i was just trying to help is all!!

I hope u are not offended at all!
Take care!

Hi Sweet (twentySomething),
I happen to be a (fortysomething), and can still remember the old days of Face to Face.
And most of the good Convo (conversation for you young, blond, twentysomethings), . . . did end in laughter, at the end of most sentences. . . . and it was't really that odd, . .in fact, . . it was kinda Fun,
. .and I rather enjoyed it.applause
With me , . .you don't have to worry about (lol) at the end, . .cause I'm joking all the time, . . Life is more fun that way.
to be honest my blog is just a bit of fun...a bit of one of my deranged rants.
I'm sorry Darlin,
I'm kinda, really new on here. . .doh lol . . . and All of the Beautiful Blondes (lol) that I know, have Deranged Rants,(LOL) all the time.(ROFLMAO)
. . I just never saw one, do it so gracefully, before. lol
My Humble Apologies, My dear, sweet, Young Ladyhug
haha! This is an excellent piece that I can relate too. Big points for my new favorite term, 'Facebook f**kers'. Beautiful, and great read.
Glad you enjoyed it.

You're welcome banana
It is very annoying. Another thing that bugs the crap out of me is when people use "like" 3 times in every sentence. Like ya' know what I like mean? Aarrghh! grin
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