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I am a kind, gentle, trusting, in love with love and life kind of guy. I come with a little bit of baggage but at least I can admit it. I'm not perfect. I recently broke up with my girlfriend. I did not want to but we were not meeting each others needs. We have a 3.5 month old son whom I love more than anything. She is holding him hostage against me. She is mad at me and will do anything to hurt me, including use our son as a tool. That makes me very concerned. She is spiteful and vindictive and on methamphetamine, and that terrifies me. I need someone to help me make her realize it is over between us romantically, but we still need to work with each other for our son's well being. I want to be a dedicated father but she won't let me. She doesn't realize she's hurting our son the most. I'm a recovering alcoholic/addict and need someone 100% SOBER, because otherwise they will drag me back into my disease and I want to maintain my sobriety for life. I am smart, and I love my father and mother and they love me. I have very very few friends because I gave them all up for my ex because she was so paranoid and scared that I would be unfaithful, but it didn't convince her anyway. I have time and energy and a lot of love that I would like to share with the right woman. I am open to doing this temporarily or permanently, but I am a one woman man and not a slut in search of one night stands. If I consider dating you you must have qualities I might not have, that way you can inspire me and teach me to become something greater than I am and pursue positive self progression with me. I smoke for now, but am going to quit when I have a more substantial term of sobriety. I only recently gave up alcohol, and need to take it one bad habit at a time. I don't want to sound shallow but I'm looking for someone prettier than my ex, inside and out. She was a good looking girl so if you consider yourself pretty but don't know that you ARE god's gift to man that's exactly my style. Beautiful and humble is a rare quality. I want to be able to consider you a little out of my league to make me try harder to make you happy. When a custody battle ensues with my ex (and judging by the way she is acting it will) I need you to look very good and parade me to the rest of the world so that I look better than her and have a better chance of being with the miracle of my son. I am very patient, giving of myself, slow to anger and quick to forgiveness. I like to exercise and torture my body (at least a little bit) to make it stronger and healthier. Trials are a part of life but they serve to make us want to change and progress and strive to be more like the god that we personally understand. I am not against any religion but I am not part of one either. My spiritual side is something I indulge in in my own way, but I do believe in god. I am sexually and physically healthy, (I've been with the same woman for nearly 15 months but that is over now,) and require anyone wishing to get to know me better to also be physically and sexually healthy. I still love my ex and am sad to have to walk out on her, but I'm moving on. She chose to so vigilantly push me away from her in every way possible, but that won't affect my ability to place my love or trust in another woman. Just not her. I want to get married to someone that truly understands how to love themselves, because then she can truly love me. You must also love both your mother and father equally and intensely, because Freud was right. To learn more about who I am just ask with genuine interest. I would love to share myself with you. I'm handsome and very unique. I'm working on creating a business from the ground up and it is coming along very well! It is so exciting to watch it develop and work!! I'm a little eccentric because I'm a genius but that comes with a genetic price also so that's not saying too much. I'm not cocky, just a realist. Anyway I hope to meet you and the sooner the better!
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Are you serious on whatever you wrote here and also about on your bog about Photo? :-)

Your sense of humor is quite lovely. lol laugh

P.S. Forgive me if you are really serious...
can you summarise this. there is a lot of repetition here.
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