My experience with Sammers for LOVE on CS

Today, I would like to write this blog for someone or maybe just for me as a documentation about my real experience with Scammer for LOVE. As a member of CS, you definitely know that there are many kinds of scammer, and to me, the most terrible is to meet scammer for LOVE.

CS is connecting single, and you are on CS that is mostly meaning that you are single. And people, as human being, all need love and need to be loved, scammer for love is not an exception. For some reasons, they are not able, or not easy, to be closed to the one that they wish to be in love with (they are very ugly/scary look, very old, black as they think that black is normally be racist, for example), they then join Connecting Single with a lot of tricks and traps. Hope to grab someone.

For example, they search on CS to find all profiles which are their targets. And then start to attack using A LOT of fake profiles, purpose is to find out what is the real person on the profiles that they are contacted. What they want is someone at AA level to love. They are at ZZ level, but they created about 20, or more, fake profiles, different levels, personal descriptions, ages, locations, education, family status, gender, etc... attack you just want to talk to know who you really are, what are your advantages and disadvantages. After know you, if you are the one that they are interested, they will set up a drama, for example, if you have a soft heart, and you normally feel sorry for people whom less luckily than you, but your lover seems someone at your level or up… their traps will be… they will have a profile with kind of people that they think you may fall in love with, attack you, telling lie ALL of life stuffs (normally illogical, some “reasonable”). When they see you “fall in love”, they, at that profile, will turn to a very bad person. Hurt your heart. Then, by the time you feel sad. They will attack you, using their real profile and begs for your love!

Delete and disregard are the best choice. And be aware that you may get hurt if you used to believe in them from information on profile and from whatever they said via emails exchanging.

Lessons for me:

- Since, there are many scammers, or just some of them but many fake profiles, CS becomes an interesting place for funs, not for love.

- Sometimes, value exchanging ideas and point of view around some stuffs, honestly, I used to feel in love (or at least want to be in love) with someone for the ways he express his ideas and his sense of humor somewhere around!! Don’t get me wrong, I know that is just illusion love and he is forever in my heart as a good friend, ah, no, maybe not forever, just a good friend UNTIL one day in future IF I see there is any bs from him that I could not respect him anymore. lol :-)

- I don’t believe in distance relationship, I don’t say that I don’t believe in anyone or any profile information, BUT, I will just take its as serious ONLY IF someone can prove its for me, and I don’t believe that I could “fall in love” with someone before I met in real, face to face. I respect/admire them for whatever I know/read about them/from them, yes, maybe, but, since couple weeks ago, I've already known that, “fall in love”… NO… DEFINITELY… NO! (I mean, a BIG NO).


Saturday, 09 October 2010

angel angel angel

P.S. I posted this on N&E blog as advices discussion day ago, but I would take it here to my blog, just as a record for myself.
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Thanks for your nice and long posting, laugh rolling on the floor laughing

Love you Mini, laugh laugh hug bouquet bouquet lips wine
mimi u really love to write dont cha???

anyway makes sense to me....thumbs up
mimi stop writing long blogs, my poor eyes, are getting sore, err; from looking at the writing. LOLwow
lol Sis, Kcuc, my name is Mimi
(double m, not Mini, sis rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing)
Your typo makes me feel funs a lot because here, my boss 1m8. I'm his assistant, every time when I have to walk next to him, he called me Mini!! lol

I’m glad it could help a bit.

lol Ben,
So sorry, my hobby grin
Hey Mimi, i am terribly sorry, why my eyes become vague, i am an old woman rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
yes beautiful mimi, i find your posting very helpful, laugh laugh
you are still a babe, hug bouquet lips comfort
Thanks so much sis, for your nice words blushing
What?? baby at 30s uh oh uh oh
dear Mimi, please do not try to poison us with these scammers, stop it! mumbling there is a saying " why you are afraid, you won't escape from it" comfort
why can't I meet any scammer?!

Where have those scammers gone?!

lol Hello Hugh,
Thanks, hug
I'm not afraid actually, that was my collection for blog on here. You are supper level, I know, my dear hug you feel bored on this subject, I know, but for some people, still a useful. I guess you don't understand what I said grin (me too, I dont understand), grin BUT, everything happens for a reason! handshake

Jan, lol hug
yup, let's drink for that reason cheers
He he, what reason, anyway? laugh grin
BUT yes, let have a drink wink

Online scammers are harmless, all you have to know is what online dating site is, and what will be included there?

You dont need to know the details about scammers, you just need to be aware about them.bouquet bouquet
hehe, Mimi, did you send me a real scammer? moping
my laptop acts like a maniac dunno
thank you, moonlove, I'm new in this field, thanks again because you shared with us your experience hug bouquet
So mimi how many experianced do you have to post the blog like this just a curious grin grin grin friend,.. Mimi.... U go girl...cheering whooo hoo...
Nice blog anyway...
thumbs up

Keep blogging, sis...
hi my friend mimi
Thanks you every one for your visit and posts. hug hug hug hug
As I said somewhere, this blog is just as a record... for me to remember what had happened in the past, when I was a brand new member of CS and dating site. Its opened my eyes and mind for the present time . I'm no more at that stupid girl :-). My level is still not reached you but its may enough to apply for the position of scammer trainer now!! lol cool cool grin grin
Wow. At least you can type better than me... laugh
hi there i meet some one on here i truly loved and went to indoniesa and meet her we were geting on realy well as i sayed moth out there i came back and payed for her ticket to come to me and month down the line she say god said to her that she not love me no more what i didnt get is shes chritsian and would you realy do that as she still got my money ive phone couple times but she talks normal to me but she changed and says she cant find the love for me and still got my money she was playing me it seems from the start as she even wanted to marry me as we were engaged its hard when someone realy screws your mind like that as i cant trust or love again im realy hurt cunfused and dont no what to do ?
Thanks for visiting my blog.
Regarding to the typing… lol, no… I’m not so sure :-)

Thanks for dropping by on my blog. lol
Even, non punctuation has been made that I feel breathless after read :-)
About your question, basing on your profile information, photos, and the "sound" of your writing, I don’t really know if that was a joke or you are serious… anyway, my advice is, maybe you take it as a lesson, you may feel better. I’m not so sure, I have non experience on that kind of issue actually. I hope there is somebody can give you some value advices. Maybe you can try to post your question in forums, so far as I know, forum is the best place to collect value advices on such kind of issues. Good luck!
thank you it is all true it happened 1 month ago i tryed asking poeple here but most of them gave me silly advice and put me down more but i hope to get through this as i dose hurt lots ?
OK, If you said so, what I can say is, again, take it as a lesson and never commit the same mistake!! Good luck!
They are just a part of the C.S really just sick of reading about scams , so maybe write something more exciting than the same old scam stories, Block delete and report end of story.
This is my blog and I can write whatever I want as long as within CS's regulation. Old for you but new for me! If you are sick to read, you just need DON'T CLICK and move to other pages. Why you are so upset when I write about scammers?? is there any reasons other than you are sicked to read?? This is NEITHER forums NOR Articles. This is MY BLOG. OK?? very mad very mad
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