Glasses = turnoff...?

I really wonder..

I changed picture and suddenly no response.

I do'nt complain or anything, just curious...? Sometimes when I'm going out for a spin it seems easier to get a girl interested when I use contact lenses(?). Parden my english..

What do you think?

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Some people maybe judge anyone with a first look but the more they get to know with their personality and behave than it will be okay
i always wearing glasses and my new friends never bother at all
cool cool wine
you may be on to something...

In every makeover I've seen, the girl with glasses has to lose them to look beautiful. What-- glasses automatically make you look dumpy? You can't be beautiful and have bad eyesight? What does the poor girl do now without her glasses? Bump into things? Make other people drive her everywhere because she can't drive without glasses?

So here's what I think: The makeover people should show beautiful women with glasses, but perhaps with better frames that show off the eyes and face better. Don't just ditch the glasses, give them a makeover too!

cool dancing cool dancing cool dancing
i use glasses too and i dont mind looking like a nerd,lol,,cos i know myself well,,,lets just be what we are,,those who are interested to know you will definitle aproach youcheers handshake
Hi, North,

I have the same problem... laugh

Perhaps, in glasses you're looked too academically professor

... and girls don't view your next photos... This is their big mistake!!!

Hey, girls, do you know that a man in glasses can be VERY-VERY-VERY sexy?
Hi North,i don't think glasses has any thing to do with it,there are days i get no mail at all...then boom i look and there might be 20 in one day...most are from scammers,some are from friends,some are people who want a new friend,keep positive it will be alright...hug wave
North,, my primary pic is wearing glasses and everyday in office or hang-out I alwasy using my glasses. I dont use contact lens. Because I'm careless with that things. My friends no complaint with my glasses. But I have some advises from my friends to change the form of my glasses... U are what u are..I guess.

Keep trying, North...
My woman loves glasses blushing

So it's all on the woman herself.

Besides physical appearences should matter.
The first time I posted a picture with glasses, I looked too serious. I changed the pictures to a cheerful one, and now it seems be just as good as any other.dunno
yep, for some people that is true. Let them fall in love with you and then suddenly put on glasses. When they act surprised say you wanted to see their beauty more clearly.
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