girls dont get discourage if someone says you are

not going to get the man of your dreams..
well well..this site is challenging in itself..with so many fakes..and spams and weird people..and then from the rest..its always someone who is interseted in you that you might not like or vise versa..and then comes when you like someone who is good to the eye..gets talking and this man has made opinions without even knowing me for 10 mints by seeing my sailing pics in some most beautiful parts of the world and my gypsy lifestyle and free spirit..and even have guts to say that with my kind of lifestyle i am not going to get my man..well..i am one of those blessed ones who is been around the world due to nature of my job..who jetsets..globtrots,meet some wonderful people from corners of the world,is exposed to so many varied and challenging experinces,get touched by goodness and kindness that comes from good humanity from complete strangers around the world and that keeps my faith in humanity and all the wonderful things that still exists in this world..
and then ohh boy..this man and the way our conversation ended completely shocked how can anyone judge or make opinions and voice them so strongly without knowing anything about someone..may be thats not the sign of maturity and i should simply ignore it..but when someone says i am not going to get my man..whow...wait a minute..!!
even if the god comes down and say that to me..i am going to tell him and say wait and watch as sure i am going to find my man and am going to thank you-god for giving me this beautiful journey towards finding that man..:)
so cheers girls..all is still well..;-)keep on working...he is just around the what you are missing the corner again and fun in finding him..
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yea..more i think should be man of your life..dream man always remain in
nothing wrong with any men from anywhere or any race..its just matter of personal preference and choice..
like you make sure to hide your ugly face behind the photoless further comments to men like you..
Wow, . .Someone so Wise, . .yet so young, . . . innocent
Oh No, . .quite to the contrary, young brainle, . . er, . i mean, . . young faceless ones.scold

She is indeed as Wise, as She is beautiful, . .because she knows, deep in her heart,heart1
that, . .ANYTHING, . .is possible, . .if you want it bad enough! . . professor
Don't mind Catalysis...This on the bad with that look
Is the horniest thing I seen in last 23 hours...conversing grin cheers drinking drinking drinking hug

Wowww...that's what I'm talkig about...banana banana banana
me sheepish here...yea..i felt little guilty and juvenile myself for putting that pic there..i shouldnt have gone to their level...there are very nasty people out there..but it feels good to express my feminity and the way i look...thanks for the compliment...cheers..
That might be find feathered friend...If I am something I'm no ones fool...grin cheers hug drinking hug hug
My personal life experience gives me permission to tell you that.
dancing cool grin cheers hug hug drinking hug
She is h*rny...that she is...conversing conversing grin cheers hug banana banana banana
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