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I’m like the King Arthur of sophomoric d*ck jokes. But it’s not always easy to find new things to say... I’ve been wondering if maybe I should expand my range a little, by commenting on Recent Developments in Feminism. I have a lot of opinions. Here, I’ll give it a shot. Here are some Recent Developments in Feminism

1. Fling candy bar. The feminist blogosphere reported on this sparkly, low-calorie bar with pink packaging, being marketed with the tag line “pleasure yourself.” People are mad because it’s being sold as the candy bar for women, and the whole thing is so sexist. Hey, wait a minute, though! Isn’t all candy for women? Am I right, ladies? (Because we love chocolate.) The real challenge would be to keep women away from it! You’d have to go to extreme lengths. The advertising slogan would have to be something like “The candy bar that rapes your mouth with flavor!”.

My own suggestion, if marketers want to create a bar that women won’t buy, is to put a picture of a spider on the packaging. “Spider candy bar: There’s a spider in the bathtub!” It would be a marketing disaster.

2. The pull-out method. Science has discovered that the withdrawal method of birth control is more effective than it was previously though to be. That’s what I’m talkin’ about! Finally, some good news! I was all, “when are they going to release a scientific study about something I like?”
laugh rolling on the floor laughing laugh rolling on the floor laughing laugh rolling on the floor laughing laugh
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carob @ above, has hugh, got you hooked on that popcorn.
violin Hello Ben, beautiful Nire! cats meow
G'day to you my friend...yessss...the legs haw taken over...
And the only medicine is a popcorn invasion on my privet parts...
When I spread them she will go nibleng...grin grin grin cheers hug hug hug drinking drinking drinking hug
what an interesting little conversation laugh
Upppssss....typo..."nibbling"...grin doh doh doh
ha? "nibleng"? boxing i didn't find this,,,,conversing
J bunny...Look and learn sweet... conversing grin cheers hug hug hug drinking drinking drinking hug hug hug
Hmmm...Hugh what ever turns you on...conversing conversing grin cheers hug hug hug hug hug kiss kiss kiss
Look and learn eh?

What you teaching??? maybe I don't wanna learn tongue
thats Ok...just sit there and be patient...grin cheers hug hug hug drinking drinking hug hug hug hug hug
ok, ok, carob I forgot that...smitten blushing wink violin I liked your iasmine too handshake
C'mon is that all there is someone hit me with something...help
cheers grin hug drinking drinking hug hug hug
ben....where are you....rolling on the floor laughing
becks ...right I need it...share with me some...popcorn I forgot how it taste grin
hello becks, and hugh @ above, now im an addict, bah;
Embedded image from another site
Good evening to you too Big bro Ben,

Oh,apologies,and to the blogger as well

thanks ben, goood dancingsanta
sophomoric d*ck jokes and popcorn, im hungry, for popcorn that is, high j bunny, want some popcorn.popcorn popcorn popcorn popcorn popcorn popcorn popcorn popcorn redclown
hugh are you learning irish dancing, just to impress me, or is that the romanian style, not belly dancing surely.
Embedded image from another site
offfffff rolling on the floor laughing nono, better to start learning irish stylewink
ha ha i seriously don't get what all this popcorn thing is about but hey..whatever makes ye happy I guess
btw ben, nothing got lost, neither do I...or yes wine
is pop-horn, a sophomoric d*ck joke, hhuumm i wonder. ask carob, he will know.professor
Like I sad Bunny...look and learn...conversing conversing grin cheers hug popcorn popcorn popcorn popcorn popcorn
Pop horn is something that will come in to play on Sunday morning.
There is nothing more better whn the lips go searching for the last one...Uuuuffffff....yessss....that's what I'm talking about...
grin cheers hug drinking drinking hug hug hug
Ben...you give me all the hard assignments...Do I love them...
Hmmmm...Bring them on...I'm the Shman...grin cheers cheers hug banana banana head banger cheers hug hug hug
ah i see carob, its look, learn, and lips, uummmm
Embedded image from another site
is popcorn addictive, hugh will know.popcorn popcorn popcorn popcorn
That's the thing that dose the damage the most...grin grin cheers hug drinking drinking drinking drinking hug
are those 2 popcorns, or am i mistaken, they look tasty anyway.
Embedded image from another site
carob, you turned my on so...need to get laid again! drinking
have fun gentlemen, soon..the dawn will come yawn no, ben isn't an addiction! wave
Aghhh...Hugh my love you just surrender...the love that I will hit with with, it will be so,so tender...You will haw no chose but to surrender...I'm the one...that will lead you to your destiny...grin cheers doh hug drinking drinking hug
For you just hafto do one thing move with a grove and let me be...
Ufffff.dream,dream,dream...cool grin doh cheers hug kiss hug hug
Ben I can just imagine you next to me while we suckle on a suckle.grin cheers hug drinking drinking drinking hug
j bunny, suggested the withdrawl method, is that the way you remove the popcorn, from the box.confused
hmmm.....perhaps confused
So c'mon...let us be the judge of that removal...grin cheers hug doh conversing love love hug hug hug hug
Be nice Jim...she is the one...the chosen one...your destiny...rolling on the floor laughing grin cheers doh hug drinking hug
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