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Hi Carobnjak3!wave cheers
hey thats carob, becks, and myself, did you obtain copyright to use our home video footage, nymphe. rolling on the floor laughing
Gotitall...It's 2:20am here... Who cares about copyright at this time of the day?!?!?! rolling on the floor laughing
On second thought and since I love that song, how much do you want???handshake
ill let you know the price, i wont be too hard on you nymphe.
Ok Gotitall! Then, I will not be too hard on you either! dancing
I'll just stand in line patently...grin popcorn popcorn
Patience is a great virtue Carob! You must be a gifted man! applause
Ohh am I ever...that is a great lesson...if you wait you will receive in multiple lots...grin help grin cheers hug
Hmmmm... But, I am not patient! I can not wait!
I guess I'll just never learn anything... dunno
if the teacher is gifted, the pupil will always learn.
Than you get in a mode of...No surrender no prisoners...grin cheers hug drinking drinking hug hug hug
I'm in charge tape of thing...I wont it now or else...doh grin cheers hug hug hug drinking drinking hug hug hug
a...teacher Gotitall??? professor Hmmmmm... We went from pay copyright to teaching and learning??? How much was I supposed to pay you people for Mahna mahna???
Carob...Are you the pink cow on the left or the one on the right???wink
Dose it matter...Just chose me...grin grin grin
I'm the one...grin grin grin blushing blushing hug
our solicitors are still drawing up the contract, of copy-right breach, we will not press charges this time, the price is 1 kiss, or is that blackmail. rolling on the floor laughing lips
If its not a wet one Ben its not worth it...grin cheers hug
Gotitall teddybear lips lips lips lips teddybear
Is that payment alright?
lol carob! Just add tab water! rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Yes...but the vitamins are not the same...conversing head banger banana grin cheers hug hug drinking hug hug
payment is fine nymphe, contract is signed.dancing
Hey...I didn't witness anything...grin cheers hug love hug cheers hug
@ nymphe....wave hi..tnx for taking time to comment on my blog...ur blog is cute like the gentlemen here..they are soooooo cuddly..cute and irresistible.. i just wonder why they are still single til now...if only im single ill grab them all....rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing peace peace to the ladiespeace peace just kidding....angel angel
Me,me,me,Pick me...grin
Ben wont fit in a bedroom with that horse...doh doh doh cheers hug hug hug hug kiss yay peace bouquet
HI Nynm,

quite pretty , you look gorgeous despite the costumelaugh tongue cheers
@carob..ben wont ask me....sigh
hi mick...drunk???can i join u???cheers
ben is only a bully, pick someone else.sad flower
@ ben,,come on..please...dont be mad at me....sad flower im sorry...i just thought ur being hard on me lately...but i dont fight with you..coz i respect u...please????sad flower
i wasn't fighting with anyone, just because i posted something beside your post, meant nothing, you took it the wrong way, lets not discuss it any more, im not even angry, i never am, im from the west, our women are different, they see things differently, thank god.handshake
Ok, ok... The house is a mess... The living room looks like it's been bombed and so does the kitchen, the children room and my bedroom...sigh
But I did bake the GREATEST CAKE ever!!!dancing
Anyone would like a bite?grin
Hi nice and easy, hi mick! By the way... I'm the guy who sings in the middle...and it's NO COSTUME!!! LOLrolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
mmmmmmmhhh Nim so tempting ...laugh

love home baked cakes , what have you done ?
one would imagine nymphe, that anything, shaken, or stirred by your delicate hands, must taste delicious, ill have becks, and carob's slices as well, i wont eat them on them i promise.
Embedded image from another site
chocolate & vanilla mixed... toped with strawberry marmelade and chocolate...yummi!
CAN I LICK THE PLATE CLEAN, WHEN YOUR FINISHED.cats meow cats meow cats meow
@ben funny emoticons...love it just put me to laugh...hahahhahahlaugh laugh laugh
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