I was just about gettin Ready, to blastoff from he

I was searchin other sites, and just about gettin Ready, to blastoff from this little planet, but got some constructive critisim from some very Sweet Girls, at the last minute, . . . . (thank you ladies), . . i think, .. I'll stick around a little longer, . . maybe write a couple Articles
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I hope you are 'a jester', and you jest....if not - then get some help - or help others - there is much to love in this world, including yourself.

Good luck!
hey jester, just dont upset the ladies with those articles, and then run off, leaving us to bear the brunt, its tough enough as it is, glad your staying is what im trying to say.handshake
Dear Sweet ToffeAppple,
May I call you T & A for short? . . T&A has a sort of catchy Ring to it . . . laugh
When i said blast off the planet, . . I kinda Meant off of CS, like, trying other dating sites. , . Thanks for the concern. sad flower
Mr. i Tall
I only wrote that one , “Playground Article, just to show, How guys feel and deal, with rejection”
I Certainly didn’t want to Upset, any of your Little Women, . . They can be quite Feisty, at times.
Thanks for the comment, friend
I have a question. I am from New York and never heard of a Fort Lauderdale, New York. Whereabouts would that happen to be besides in Florida? dunno
Born and raised in Fort Laud, Florida
Presently, living in Catskill mountains, New York
and leaving in a couple weeks to start A New Life.
I'm just trying to figure out Where I'm Goingdancing
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