imagination dinner

anyone want to have an imagination dinner with me anyones invited friend are foe alike its a big giant ballroom with dancing eating chatting and more come on have a little fun with me come to my imagination dinner thanks johntheraven1
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laughwhy imagination only bro...make it real man,,what ballroom dancing was that??cinderella will be coming bro.and she will pop midnight,,only left,me and you and the rest to clear up the mess laugh laugh laugh cheers cheers hug
not real because im a dreamer i can't have nothing more than just this dream so i at least want to be happy that everyone will show up in this dream of mine
john, I love to come but is the lunch time here, later see you!

wave danceline reunion popcorn beverage delivery drink pouring
no problem maybe later my friend
hey buddy...wave

what times dinner buddy?
Ill make a cheese cake for desert!!
Mmmmm cheesecake!

peace cheers
mmmmmmmm cheese cake anytime you like
super I'm coming!
I brought Karaoke machine. beverage delivery
Oh,I forgot to get Icecream....
Let me go get it.
Do you want me to get something for you?
kareoke ill sing my favorite song sailaway
mimi yay your here
What is "yay", John?
im happy your here
Ah, :-)
Thanks, have a nice weekend, John!
you too my friend
Ok, dear John! Count me in! I'll imagine it is evening instead of early afternoon and I'll bring "kokoretsi" along! wow I'm sure everyone will love it!
Formal or casual?
thanks my friend glad you are here
@john i wanna go with ur imagination party,,,,ill bring some rock bands to entertain us...what rock bands u like to guests so i'll make an appointment today with cool cool i like this cool cool
beatles is cool
danceline party bartender dance buddies cake pizza balloons
hey my friend
i will bring beer and cupcakes. haha i like food fights lol like poo fights . lets party . i once thru a cupcake at my sisters face it stuck on her forehead. everyone laughed like crazies.::roll: dancing
would of loved to see that my friend welcome aboard
thanks it was really funny. it kinda got in her eyes then i flew another one at the side of her face.rolling on the floor laughing then al hell broke loose .yay rolling on the floor laughing then everybody joined in exciting and funny .cheering laugh dancing
wish that would happen here it would be to funny
yeah you mean everyone on your imagination blog. laugh it would be great. then everybody have sex cleaning up. banana rolling on the floor laughing cupcakes are delicious to clean up.blushing yay rolling on the floor laughing wink banana
sounds good to me
it really is good my girlfriend loved bringing pineapple cakes bananas whip cream in bed.grin hey john like a banana cake i'll bring one.banana rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing head banger
cool lets party
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