Saturday in the class and an interesting lesson

Last Saturday was my first date for the new subject at school. The professor was quite young, around my ages, I guess. His witty was quite lovely, his talking was interesting. He used to be an excellent student to be allowed to teach this subject at that young, I think.

He talked and there were something regarding to Relationship (social relationship, intimate relationship/interpersonal relationship, etc),.

For example, he said, “relationship has to based on not only KNOW each other, but also TRUST each other, SUPPORT each other, and CARE for each other”. Well, this is the basic thing and I totally agree with this, anyway. BUT, maybe, I was too tired on that date therefore no more exciting appeared on my face.

He looked at me with his doubt eyes, and he turned to the class, said,
“you all should believe in whatever I talked because those were basing on good books and famous people, I just repeated whatever they said, all those ideas were not from me!!”.

He looked at me again, and this time, I can’t help to hide my smile to him. After a while, he continue… “I have to tell you all the truth… were not my ideas, otherwise you all may not believe in me!!” lol

I could not believe in what I had heard! Really.
And all the class was lol… lol… and lol…

On the way went back home, I thought about life… it’s understandable to me that somebody, for some reasons, they are not confident to themselves/low self esteem, as the result, have to use other people image to seek for influence.

But they forgot basic things that.
Fakes are always fakes.
Only the TRUTH and REAL can be last FOREVER…

angel angel angel


Monday, October 11, 2010
On the way back to office from business trip

P.S. Just casual writing as practicing my poor English, to kill long time sitting on the plane.
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