write me some comments plz (it is the message of o

The Qur'an has much to say both ABOUT women, and TO women. One Surah is called `Women', another is named after Maryam the mother of Jesus (pbuh). Women appear in many other parts. In stories of the prophets we have
- Hawwa (Eve) the wife of Adam, no longer the temptress who leads Adam to sin but a partner jointly responsible with him and jointly forgiven by Allah soon afterwards.

- There is the wife of Nuh (Noah) (pbuh) who betrays her husband and is held up along with the wife of Lot as an example of a disbeliever (66:10-11).

- There is the wife of Ibrahim, who laughs at the news the angel brings, of the baby she is to have in her old age;

- the wife of Pharaoh, who saves the infant Musa (Moses) (pbuh) and, along with Maryam, mother of Jesus, is one of the two female examples of the good believer held up in Surah 66:10 & 11.

- The wife of Aziz, who tried to seduce Yusuf (Joseph), is nevertheless treated with some sympathy, when she shows her friends how handsome he is and they all cut themselves with their knives because they are distracted by his beauty;

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Correct! what comments would you like to have on it? confused
I can't comment, have never read the Qur'an, although I am not too sure what kind of comments you looking for anyway.
I never read the Q'uran before so i don't know what i have to comment about grin
You write something right wave
And so continues the campaign to convert women to Islam...can't say these wonderful words equate respect for the poor women who are victims of Islamic honor killings and other social and economic oppressions.

and your point is ..what ?..you want comments on..? If that is written in the Qu'ran or what..? Please be a bit more specific..help

There is no place of any so called "honor killing" in Islam. Whoever does it is not a muslim at all. Not even a human I'd say.
Islam prohibits it by saying if one human is killed, it is as if whole humanity is killed.

I'm hardly religeous person but am informed enough to understand the concepts.

Also, whoever commits that henious crime to women should be hanged for everyone else to get a lesson from so that they refrain from doing so. Idiots and fanatics are everywhere in all religions who distort their own religion's face for either petty gains or to satisfy their psychotic mental disorders. doh
There is no question as to the supressive treatment of Islamic women (just do a news search) and there are radical elements in every religion - no argument. Denying oppessive treatment would be uniformed.

understanding a concept, and practising it or otherwise are 2 different things entirely. The question is not the practice here. As I explained, idiots prectise whatever they feel like, ralting it to Islam or any other religion. Furhter, The news search has 2 fundamental flaws.

1. It addresses practise of by some idiot fnatics of their own derived concepts.

2. It's a main propaganda vehicle. So may be biased too.

The real question should be "what is the real concept for women in Islam?" And I am saying it is liberating and empowering them. The concept I mean. There are 2 chapters in the holy book explaining their rights. Muhammad (PBUH) himself married a successful business woman (Kadija)and remained married till she died. Over 23 years of successfull marriage.

I am also saying whoever is an oppressor of women is not a good muslim. or even a muslim. or a good christian, or even a christian, or even a human. I'd also say do some research other than news feeds.
I lived in the Middle East for 8 years and mixed with Arabic men and women from various Arabic nations ... I can honestly say that all of the Arabic women who I got to know there were treated poorly by their husbands and fathers. All I can say is, I wish that I could have somehow helped them to escape that lifestyle. If it's not the Qur'an teaching the men to treat the women this way, I am not sure what is to blame, but either way, it's unacceptable.
Yes NewTonz

This is unacceptable by all standards. Humanitarin to be first. It is clear who and what is to blame here. The Men who treated women poorly and the culture that permits it.

This is the plight of women in most of Asia, Africa and the Middle East. But here, we have had a Woman Prime Minister twice, which still is a feat many European, North American and other developed countries have yet to see for their own country. Woman combat pilots. A woman Military General. A woman Justice of the supreme court. A woman Governor of the State Bank. A Woman Speaker of the National Assembly. I am optimistc about the situation for women.

However, it makes me sad when bad pratices by illiterate idiots are linked with religion
before Islam women were opressed, so opressed that even new born girls were killed alive only boys have the right to live,by the coming of I slam women got rights ,protection,value.....
it`s known that any population that lived ages working certian system it wouldn`t be easy to fade it out, so here are muslim women some of them suffering in Afghanistan and some of them getting liberated but still men thinking still rigid the man above the woman we believe as women that a man(husband) deserves respect and obediance but not ultimately I mean not when he is a jurk.....so some of them bare their husbands for the kids not to be orphans and some can`t simply afford fees of raising kids alone.
as a reply to u shapher:
its a sin to pretend or allisunate the the woman is the reason of all problems especially those mentioned in Quoran, no creature knows why god created us,there are also fathers , and sons disbelieveres mentioned in the quoran (Noa `s son was a disbeliever/ Abraham father was disbeliever)
quoran gave many examples of believers and non believers :sons, fathers, wifes,daughters...but there is a purpouse behind and I think it`s cristal clear.
ur smart enough to ask about it!!!
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