Being a single lady for some men means that because i ll add them up on facebook and have chat means "let's go out and begin a relation together"!!!!!! I'm living in an experience where a man added me on facebook, telling him that i'm hurted and don't want a relation, neither kisses etc, just friendship, but everytime we meet for a coffee and talk about our problems he just cry and tell me that he loves me, and he want to be with me only, and that he's depressed because i want him as a friend only.... all this in one week!!!!!!!!!!being before in arelationship for almost 3 months and he never told me that he loves me, just cared, and this new guy in a week he loves me and he's going insane without me...... but i dont want, i only accept friendship and i was always sincere with him, is it his prob or mine? He was married before and has a child of three years,he's single for about 6 months, he just want me !!!!!!!!!!!but i gave him a bit of hard time cos i m not ready for a relationship,i ve been much trough, and i dont want to hurt him either thats why i told him better friendship and nothing else cos i might start a relation and after a month i broke up....... he's mad about me knowing for a week as a FRIENDS, what he'll do if i break up!!!!!!!!!! Any suggestions pls
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do it in a public place...

Thats the best suggestion i could make...
May be have a male friend all ready there at the meeting place before u meet the guy (bf) incase u need backup!

good luck!
maybe he has a gun so be carefull
compassion is one of the motives for women to have sex with men

but I would never be with a woman for that
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