Life is a miracle

Sing as if no one is listening
Dance as if no one is watching
Love as if I've never loved before
Live as if heaven is here on earth

I love my pretty .........
Rainy Days
Misty Windows
Lonely Walks
David’s Psalms
Quiet Music
Naughty Cats
Bubbling Babies
Remodeled Cars
Speeding Bikes
Rolling Chairs
Green Mangoes
Dripping Ice creams
Window Seats
Moist Sand
Wet Feet
Mom’s Kiss
Ice Tea
Hot Coffee
Tom & Jerry
my friends and my sweet hearts…..

I know I can't expect you to want the same things that I want.
We are not the same person,
so we will not always see things the same way.

I believe in God
I believe in Angels
I believe in promises kept
And in living with no regrets

I believe in love
I believe in laughter
I believe in fairy tales
and happily ever after

I believe in love at first sight
And things don’t always get right
I believe where stars do meet,
Someone will sweep me off my feet

I believe in nature’s bountiful mystery
And each new day has a new discovery
I believe in placing one’s family first
And the first cup of coffee in the morning is the best.

I believe in mother’s care
I believe that true friends are rare
I believe my troubles are few
and my dreams will come true

I believe...
There are two ways to live your life,
One as though nothing is a miracle,
The other, as though everything is a miracle.

I believe my beliefs can be broken
And my dreams can be shaken
Still I believe in Believing...

- ananth sam
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