Infertility is a common condition.

Approximately 1/6 of all married couples are without offspring contrary to their will, even though the exact number depends inevitably on how this condition is defined.

Usually infertility is not due to only one reversible cause, but is also due to biological, social and economic reasons.

What is sure, however, is that the sole determinant factor of fertility of a couple is the woman’s age. We would like to characteristically mention that for women up to the age of 25, the cumulative conception rate is 60% in 6 months time and 80% in one year, whereas for couples where the woman is 35 years or older, the conception rates are 60% in one year and 80% in two years, in other words their fertility is half the rate.

The number of couples that seek medical consultation and treatment for reasons of infertility is growing.

The problem of infertility, besides its medical hypostasis, surely has social, ethical and financial extensions which are not predictable.
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