I'm home.

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I'm home........
Good nite everybody.
Should I take a shower?
Never mind. sleep

Thank you.
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That is how I felt coming from work today...Nice...rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing cheers hug hug hug hug hug grin hug hug hug
Dear Mr Corbo,
hehehh I found good pic to describe how I feel too. grin
Thank you. wine
Mr.carob, wow
sorry,I got wrong your name. doh doh
hi my friend
I stopped by your place.
hehehe..... laugh
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what? I can't move...
what's wrong my body......
this is me pinkoral! please, don't wake me up! sleep
you can go back to sleep now.
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lips from this doggy.
loved the coffee thanks stop by anytime
This doggy want to kiss you. lips
Thank you.
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jhon,make my day.
teddybear angel teddybear
for youteddybear teddybear teddybear
Thank you, pinkoral! kiss
let me join your lunch. burger
Have A great day hugh. hug yay
Thank you, Jed! dancing I like it...d'oh.. my belly! kiss
thanks, you too, pinkoral! hug dancing yay manbo...dancing
Dear Jedd,
you make me laugh,and dance like them.
shaked my body,hip,everywhere.... rolling on the floor laughing
I go like Excellent.move it,move it,let do it again.hoo..etc with them.
rolling on the floor laughing
I can't stop laughing.
banana banana banana
you will laugh more if you imagine me doing that where i twisted my hips,lol,,but its fun to try and do and you will laugh at yourself doing it all wrong,,,very funny really,,you try infront of the mirror sis,laugh laugh laugh dancing dancing dancing
Thank you Madam jedd.
I can imagineing if you gonna dace like that.
yeah.must be more sexy than me. flirty
me? I was like a monkey. banana banana
I will dace in front of BIG mirror later.
I gotta know how to stop laughing. rolling on the floor laughing
dancingsanta dancingsanta dancingsanta
hug bouquet
laugh laugh now i can see you dancing sis,pink...doh doh hayooo,,twist your hips and rotate ,oh yaahh,like this,like thatlaugh laugh laugh you cant dance too like melaugh laugh
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