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I was rating photos and every profile i ved said "I'm a laid back guy, i'm easy to talk with' and stuff. How on earth can everyone be same. and then i saw a peofile that said "I'm a fat man and i won't suger coat it saying that i'm cuddly. I have chest hair and i don't shave it. I'm a man dam it!" He also said he was going to gym to shred off some extra weight. But the guy in the photo wasn't so fat. He was chubby. It was the only honest and brave guy i saw till now and i thought i fell in love with him. But i rated his picture and now i can't find his profile. and that's the story of me losing a honest guy's profile and not be able to find it.
(What i always have to write rebelious stuff?! I can griff too u know!)
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My sentiments exactly!!! I've never come across so many perfect guys, judging by their profiles..... it makes you wonder why they're on here in the first place and why ladies are not standing in a queue to get to date them!!! lol
Would be good to hear a few of their faults for a change, that would make them seem more genuine.
I agree totally about the need for honesty but with respect that door swings both ways. Not just a man thing.
if you like hairy fat men go find another
Hairy, fat honest men that is. Only joking.hug
the guy was not hairy or fat and i don't l;ike hairy fat guys.. i liked his honesty. It's rare.
How do u know that one with the white dress is not looking for a fat hairy man????rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Ct you got hair in your mouth...I can suggest for you to chew on something...But I need to stay clean for that special lady man...

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
conversing cheers hug hug
ppl find it so hard to like honest guys these days. ANyway boys don't be jealous and yes my best friend is also into big hairy guys which actually means honest guy. Gee people learn to live withour jealousy.laugh
hi onofeathers47
I never read what people say about themselves in profiles. I only take a look at the right side - how old they are, what is their hight, do they want children... I think it's very hard to describe oneself in few sentences and do the same about the person you'd like to meet. So if I like the photos and the data, I decide to give my own judgement about the person through messages and chat. smile
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