What do you want to be reborn next?

What do you want to be reborn next?
Thank you.
Have A nice weekend.
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laugh A man...because woman I've seen how it is...laugh cheers
Keesy I'll swap you...I wont to feel like you do...doh doh

For a day...doh conversing conversing cheers hug
Now,come to thinck of it...

I could use a couple of inches more...grin

Heyyy...In hight that is thank you...doh cheers hug hug
Dear keesy,
Thank you for coming.
Me too.I wanna be a brave man. bouquet cheers
And while I'm at it...grin
I could use more hairgrin conversing conversing

On top of my head not under it...grin cheers hug hug hug
Nooo,changed my mind...conversing grin

I would come back as a mighty Eagle...cheers hug hug hug
more hair on top your head like women or all your body except
under..... like Kingcong? grin cheers
A eagle?
wow you can fly everywhere.
catch me. hug applause
Consider yourself snatched...grin conversing

Don't worry about my claws...grin

I got you gently tight...grin cheers hug hug hug hug
laughWell I want to be a hairy man...I know that women like it..even they deny...laugh rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
i want to be a wolf,,that can only comes out on full moon,,hug cheers

wave carob,nice weekend sir,have funhug cheers
Thanks Jeddah you to...cheers hug
I don't need to worry about your claws at all.
we flying together sky diving.
cool dancing cheers
G-Eve !wave

ok...wolf was takenconfused
A vulture ?grin Yes..i want to be a vulture !wine
Hello to Carob, Kessy, Pink and Jed !hug hug cheers
hi keesy,
good one. rolling on the floor laughing
you can make bubbles with your all hair.
enjoy your shower time.grin bouquet cheers hug
AVE DABOMB!!!cheers
Ye g'day Flo...grin

Hey vulture do-sent hunt Eagles dose it...???conversing cheers hug hug hug
I am a mile Eagle don't forget...grin

And a straight one I is...conversing grin cheers doh hug
Yep,wolf is beatiful animal.
are you going to bark at the mooon or huntting men? grin
Ohhhh she will be barking when she feels my clow...doh

cheers hug grin
I never do forget that Carob !grin

A toast to visual acuteness !grin wine
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Right on my friend...cheers hug grin
Hi pinkcoral!wave
Well, I do like the idea of an eagle very much...confused
But I'd also like to be a monkey in the most deep forests of the Amazon grin
or a dolphin, that would be nice! Or one of these deep water fishes with the light!lol I'd be producing my own light then!applause
Thank you for coming DaBo,
What a wild like eagle.
would you like to join us skydiving to find freedom? grin
hug cheers
Hi everyone!wave
i will manhunt and howl over the moon while holding my manlaugh laugh tongue tongue tongue yay yay yay
Pink..i already found my freedom ! But skydiving for other purposes like adrenaline...Hooraaaaaaaaaayyyy !!grin cheers
I'm in a snatching mood...grin

Oooooo Huuuugh...wheeere are you...Let me take you away from all this...And take you to my bliss...grin

But than I could be a vampire...hmmmm...suckle blood from your neck...Orrr nibble on one of your legs...It is good yes...???grin

I could be a fly on the wall...so I could see the true length of your legs...What you thick...no...yes...maybe...confused

No, knowing my luck someone will splatter me on a sealing with a news pepper... rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Eagle I will be just you wait and see...cheers hug
oh Hi Nymphe, Thank you for coming.
Yes,monkey seems like enjoying to live with their big families.
Noone enter their territory in the deep forests.
and dolphin is also lovely creature.
I love them.cuz clever,friendly and no enemy.
producing your light in the beatiful ocean.hug teddybear
Carol, let me ask you, are you 100% Aussie blood or some what mixed with Irish blood. Anyway, I heard Aussie people love wine, so can you pass some Aussie wine to me before you start talking with Pinky!wine wine
sis Jedd,
I would like to be a brave man.
Do you love me? grin
No, Moonlove I'm not 100% Aussie...grin conversing
I got Croatian blood in me...grin
As for Wine, you are most welcome...grin wine

beverage delivery beverage delivery beverage delivery drink pouring drink pouring drink pouring drink pouring waiter bartender beverage delivery

grin hug hug hug
Cool Mate, Croatians people are nice though. We can have some wine so you wont have time too much focusing harassing stuffs!rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing Here ...wine smoking smoking buddies buddies buddies drink pouring smoking smoking I wonder if you smoke! get some cigarette !!laugh
DaBo,You already found your own freedom?
Awesome. applause
I need adrenaline for my brain. innocent
Moolove I wouldn't say harassing...conversing
Provoking yes...blushing blushing blushingMe so,so,so shame.

grin cheers drink pouring wine beer hug
Upppsss the wine has got to me...

Lol Carol, dont be shy ...so you are thinking to date with Pinky right??laugh laugh help

You with Pinky
Mick with Mimi
and the last couple is from romanian. Huh and yellowlove love love
We are just sharing the air space since we are both Eagles...
grin doh doh grin
Its not mating time yet...grin wine hug
Pink...try neuro-bungee-jumping ! Might help !grin cheers
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