Why I feel proud!

I would like to reply this question by a story, and again, real happened to me. And by the way, everything on my blogs and my profile are REAL (SERIOUS, NO JOKE).

Let say… about 8 years ago, when I started my career at a French Group, I felt nervous in international working environment where my colleagues were mostly French, Suisse, Italian, some German, some Thai Lan, some Indonesian, some Chinese and FEW Vietnamese… I felt so happy able to pass such a hard interview to have opportunity work for such a famous group. At work, my leader was a Suisse, he was an excellent Manager, not only very good in jobs/problem solving but also very nice and kind heart. I learned from him a lot. And I admire him very much too. Honestly, I dare not to think that I’m able to handle his jobs, even its in my dream.

I still remember, one rainy day in July 2004, his only son passed away by an accident, he had to went back Switzerland for a week and for some reasons he had to stay there for a month. I was nominated temporary be a leader of an important project (I mean it’s too important that could not be delayed). As the result my other big boss wanted me to lead my team to prepare all stuffs for the project. My English was not good (and now, 8 years passed, it is still not as good as what I want to be), I say so for you easy imagine how nervous I was when thought about the day I had to speak (presentation) in front of foreigner clients who came from oversea and my foreigner colleagues. Anyway, no other choice, I had to do.

30 people in conference room, 27 were foreigners, 3 Vietnamese including me. Well… “cool”!

Light turned off, I started to talk, they all were listened… air-conditional turned on at 18 degree but I felt like my forehead wetted by my sweat!

25 minutes passed, the presentation went to the end. My heart was still breath fast and I was ready for the worst things happen. Suddenly, light turned on and everybody applauded/clap their hands. Succeeded, congratulation! That was what I heard before I got back my soul, lol

My big boss came and patted my head comfort
Well done! (he said).

I felt so proud. batting


17 October 2010
blushing grin

P.S. Above story is to reply for two questions which I received from a stranger come from somewhere in UK.

The 1st question was: “what make you feel proud about yourself?”
The 2nd was: “when did you know you are that much “value”?”
(***Attention*** the word value has “…”).

I don’t know if there is any irony or sarcasm, BUT,
Well!! Good questions!! wink

And, one more P.S, lol,
For… I feel proud about myself… there are a lot reasons. Above story is one of it, AND, I can tell you few more are, very simple, I feel proud just because I DARE to be myself and DARE to talk about my REAL life stuffs without any hesitate. AND, if you “care” about me that much, I would strongly recommend that you should take some times and energy to verify! I’m willing to prove myself and my life to you IF you are also able to prove yourself to me! don’t waste time for any irony or sarcasm. It’s fun to read somehow but I’m lazy to find out the secret. lol cartwheel

**** SERIOUS WARNING: you can comment whatever you want, BUT, UNGENTLE, RUDE AND BS MESSAGES WILL BE DELETED!! devil ****
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wave mimi

you should be proud of yourself comfort

always be you hug

hug have faith in yourself applause
I feel proud of myself in CS site is ...not sending around the messages and spreading the romours or doing some gossip as a girly style!!rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing laugh comfort

I feel so proud for that...tip hat smoking smoking snooty
People who send this kind of messages, or make some remarks to hurt us are just frustrated, insecure and unable to feel good about themselves. That's why they try to put someone down by hurting and their sstisfaction smile is just a grin.
They just try to make themselves great for a moment, to release pain, their pain.
You have to be proud about yourself and you don't have to prouve it why...to anyone. Be proud for everything you do good.

cheers bouquet
well...Mimi, like Herodot said "Better to be envied than feel for you"! so DARE if you have the necesary luggages! wine
mimi hi my friend
I just want to say hi mimi!!...

hope you are well...
hi everyone!wave
wave hi Jack,hug
hi keesy45 ...wave

hope u are well dear!!
Thanks everyone for your visit and mobilizing me. hug
And, no matter how many BS messages I've received from someone who even don't know my name, I'm still feel so proud that I'm ME batting And, my slogan is "I'm PROUD to be myself", by the way! blushing grin

P.S. OR, maybe he LOVES me!
That why he is trying to create impression?? love love laugh
Thanks again, all, and good night/good morning/good afternoon wave
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