how cheeeeessssssyy!!!

have u felt something like this before?u want ur special someone so bad...u r dreaming ur just kissing and embracing each other so much all day and all night...that when i get jealous he will just kiss me and tell me im the most beautiful woman he ever met in his life....that special someone would want to see my face in the morning when he wakes up...and before he sleeps he would look at me and never sleeps without kissing me....pulls away my hair on my face and looks at me and tell me how beautiful i am....we will sing together at the videoke,we will walk under the rain,we will dance together in sweet music and because he is taller than me,,,ill put my feet on his feet and we will dance as one.... he would like me to embrace him and all my weight he would carry..,it would feel like i can lean on him all my life and im safe with him....when its cold he will be my blanket...his warmth would be enuf to comfort me,..he would be my knight in shining armour...he would be still with me whether ive done good or bad....he would tell me my mistakes but he still comforts me and cheer me up...he would manage to make me smile at my weakest moment of my life...ahhhh thats a i have to go wake up and go to work....oooppppppppppsssss.....need to take a bathe first...hehheheheh....have a nice day....

cool grin yawn

im still sleeeeeppyyyyy....

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yup i felt this before and am still feeling it...have u ever tried to make these feelings real???
wait honey coming hehehehhe....super
@ben..come on i said sorry..what u want me to do to forgive me???sad flower include in my dreams..i promise ill push the wheelchair for u....please forgive me....blues
I have felt this feeling and it is lovely !!!!
indeed....thumbs up
and maybe a little cheesy love it love it love it love itteddybear
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