im pleased

the birds are singing sy is chirping. lol it's a beautiful day in CS land today now all the good people can enjoy the site freely without name calling or insults which isn't necessary . this is my fun happy blog and thoughts about birds DNA are genetically identical to dinosaurs ? i just watched a documentary about this i love documentaries about people animals countries so enjoyable. and educational .grin hello friendly people good bye bad apples im pleased .dancing
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I'm pleased too.

The multiple personality fantasist--Poor_Old_Ugly, Catalysis, Impotentjim, EasyWriter, Critical Thinker, Cameltits--has finally been evicted.

how did that happen guys
laugh wow i didn't realise their was that many. no wonder i didn't know what was going on or what hit me. doh all those names you mentioned commented on my blogs besides that ez writer very ignorantly their like a gang or something disgruntled kicked off members . thanks for the heads up about this problem here i really never knew. . they should be reported im very pleased also. hv a good day .cheers
how did what happen john ?
how did they get kicked off
i'd imagine somebody reported them . you don't sound happy about it ? im still trying to figure out some of the names the other bad apples kept mentioning . i did a username search and nothing confused now i really know it was just games to harass me because my sexuality i know this. i'll be more pleased once the rest are gone their just extremely rude because their fake profiles .professor nothing to lose.
Hello Sy ! wave

Just passed by to say it ! cheers
hello dabomb.head banger
nice seeing you. cheers
pass by anytime .grin
wave hi syc,,conversingnice blog,just enjoy it

@dabomb and johnwave cheers teddybear
hi jeddah .bouquet
oh i am. grin
IM PLEASEDrolling on the floor laughing
The birds are singing sy is its a beautiful day. Seems we dont mourn the passing of Mr Camel, one of the few people on here with a brain, some wit and the ability to write without the help of these little emoticons, which seem better suited to a kindergarten. Now we are just left with the mind numbing twaddle of people like some of those above. Still probably the good news is that he wont be gone for long.
Hello Jed ! hug
Hello Ben !handshake cheers
ben rolling on the floor laughing yes probably just wandering in the desert thirsty looking at the stars for direction .rolling on the floor laughing im sure he'll find his way home to be sent packing once again poor little camel. IM PLEASEDgrin dancing
brother im not for hating anybody im sorry if i seem like one of those people i just can't hate anybody
hi ben welcome to the fun blog.cheers ooh those humps couldn't be good for that.rolling on the floor laughing a little preparation H and your good to go sir. professor im very protective of my flock here how1 mind your manners on this blog. thanks .grin
Do we have a case here ?..Or what ?confused And if it is..So be it !drinking
oh ben i thought you wrote burn.rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Amen, How1e, Amen!! I happen to love reading comments from folks who don't worry so much about pleasing people. It is much more interesting to have something to ponder than to just read fluffy mutual appreciation posts (though I can enjoy those to some extent as well). I like the mix of happy joy joy and in your face no bullshit comments.

There have been some who enjoy really viciously attacking others, without a sense of humor and without any kind of entertaining wit, but this is a place where a bunch of strangers get to let their hair down and just be who they want to be. Anyone who takes it seriously and gets overly emotional is just ignoring an opportunity to learn something about themselves.

I love all of the characters that Mr. Pissant mentioned. I appreciate every one of them more than I do him as a matter of fact. But that is just my opinion.
come again dabomb confused a case of hemorrhoids you say rolling on the floor laughing is it camel ?rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
hi venus nice to see you backteddybear
hi venus we finally meet . i thought those guys were making you up it's venusruled couldn't find you in username search doh to be honest i enjoyed camels humor he isn't a dummy but all these things he was saying to me getting really sexually nasty. then saying to apologise to you i didn't even know who you were . he was wrong but i never mentioned his name here originally in my blog. again nice meeting you stop by anytime sys fun blog.grin wave
Hi John! How have you been? Stayin on the sunny side of life? hug hug wave
finally seeked real help thanks
Why thank you Mr Syclobs, I will take the "intelligent guy" reference as some kind of compliment, innocent as I am.
Ms Venus, thanks to you too. What have you done with Mr Camel? Actually I thought you had been also excluded from this exclusive club, otherwise known as CS. But the fact is that like or loathe him, wonder why he had so many aliases, these blogs are the poorer without at least one of his incarnations.
Yeah,..."we love" pathetic fragrance ! It's free of charge afterall ! I bet tomorrow the sun will rise...from the sunsetmumbling

Hello Syclobs, I know you weren't around for the exchange I had with Blackhawk. It was soooo nasty, but I had a chance to learn some more about myself and my emotional triggers so it's all good. Sorry if CT mistakenly thought you were that guy. You bald guys all look alike rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing Just Kidding!!!!

I didn't see what he wrote to you but he enjoys getting under people's skin. I love him! I know that others don't have the same appreciation for him. Oh well....that's what makes life interesting. Different perspectives are the spice of life, and I like the kind of sense of humor that people like CT possess.

I am sorry to have missed Easywriter. I wonder why he got the boot....dunno dunno

The main thing I enjoy about this site is all the various personalities.

Nice to meet you!wave
well i always wonder why they got evicted again and again since they seem to be more popular than others. i guess the bloggers here will be happier to see them around.
i liked ez writer also he left a funny comment on my blog. lol camel also we spent about a hour going back and forth having fun writing laughing . first i was him accused of being camel lol then he showed up then i was accused of being a blackhawk im a wings fan .laugh i couldn't write the stuff his was writing to me here . i've dealt with this constantly for 3 weeks now i've been reported twice yesterday one for excessive emos one for abusing language . i don't use swear words anyway this sites mods wrote me if this keeps up report abusive members . because everything i've been accused of is unfounded . have a nice day im really pleased today .laugh cheers teddybear
venus.. i suddenly noticed that you are back. yes, i agree with you, i appreciate those who were mentioned in the first comment. but who is the EasyWriter?
Maybe the new Ms Venus in reality is..........the old Mr CT ?
Yellow, Yellow, take care Mate, dont forget to watch out after you got mail.comfort Dont forget to play wisely !!
ohh God what a beautiful blog the birds are singing sy is chirping....only showhite and Cinderella are missing now ?
Shame I'm so busy working today I cant get involved in this great party thenrolling on the floor laughingrolling on the floor laughing
moonlove laugh i only write a handful of people here private mail i see what's going on i've never reported one person but the people who reported me are gone.laugh karmatic justice .professor bouquet
Rabbit, rabbit, is it really full moon time again !?
Oh btw, love life is not bad at all thanks Moonie, you asked me in another blog and I never answered you. Another loose end tied up, so to speak.
then go about your business mick. it's a shame your friend is gone that blackhawk and camel . you seem to miss them. IM PLEASED rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing grin
your welcome how1 laugh your comments on micks blog were good that last one anyway . lol it's funny how quickly people turn on you here im learning the CS ways now . trust no one.laugh
Holy Hannah, How1e, what are you trying to pull me into?! help help Are you saying I look like I have camel tits?mumbling mumbling laugh
does that answer your question cushion tart. that felt good. thanks IM PLEASED rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
I have to be honest with you, Ms Venus, I never examined the tits of a camel in a lot of detail so it would be hard for me to say. But if you want to send a couple of photos of yours I dont mind conducting some research.
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