Galway night Monday 18/10

It is autumn in Galway, colorful plants, trees under Cloudy sky have a picture of peace but gloomy. It reminds me the scenery of early foggy morning when the first lights of the sun from the horizon cover my hometown.

Life is quite expensive. The house I am renting has the cost of over 350,000 EUR. It has 4 single bedrooms and 1 bathroom on the first floor. Living room and a kitchen on the ground floor. The back yard is green with grass and a storage in which there is my bike. I love the design of houses at my staying area.

Around shopping center fresh Vegetable are really luxury stuffs and not rich, 1 pack of 150g spinach or watercress cost over 1EUR. corn on cobe, Pomegranates, cauliflower, broccoli, pineapple, pomelo exported from Vietnam, plump, tomatoes... . But potatoes and carrots have acceptable prices and there are variant potatoes on display.

Electronic devices and other stuffs are also about 30% more expensive than in HCMC but the quality can be assured.

Fresh water here can be drunk directly from home or public tapes without worry of stomach issues and it is completely free.

People here drive on the left but walking is not applied the same and tend to the right side. escalator is not large as in Vietnam, it is just large enough for one person and the other needs to manage passing.

People here are nice and friendly. They say hello and smile when passing by even though completely strange to one another. The eyes of Irish girls here look like the eyes of barbie dolls.

The air is so fresh, no dust even though car parking out site for weeks, this is the wonderful environment of breathing. I can see common areas of grass, plant, tree everywhere. It is easy to find public kids' playground and sporting ground here. So wonderful environment for adults' and kids' outdoor activities.

Cars here are major personal transportation, while in HCMC the major transportation is motorbikes not motors. In HCMC Cars like Toyota vios, Inova in Taxi service but here cars in taxi service look not much modern.
streets in Galway mostly have 2 lanes for 2 ways but rarely got traffic jam.

To be continued
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hmmmm is it the same galway i live in confused
but all the same welcome to the west me new neighbour wave
Thanks for your reading. It would be so interesting and surprise if you are living in my staying area. And the next part can be about my neighbor. cheers
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