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if there was no adam and eve what would the world be like today if there would even be a worldangel
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there would be no niceandeasy and john and hugh and jeddah,and cameltits,mickdandy,jackweb,ben,everyone will not be here if there is no adam and eve...i guess so...what u think/???well my belief dunno
guess there would be no people so we wouldn't care...wink
makes sense my friends thanks
well...john..later or never we'll find out that!
hi N&E wave
guess your right hughteddybear
things would be asy for lazy people like me. no world, no complication, no sad people no promlem... what about we create a time machine and go back to ask God if this all could not happen...?
well if it never happens then i wouldn't know you i'm glad i know you
well... we r just getting to know. Theres's so much more. But i'm sure God had a backup plan in case people like me got in touch with time machine wink laugh
you could always come here a yesterday
than we would all have been decendants of monkeys!!!rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
true my friend
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