What about The Spanish fly??

Do you remember that story about the fellow who slipped some Spanish fly to his date, drove out to the lover's lane and awaited the rezults?
The young lady became worked up, exhausted her boyfriend's resources after four times at bath, and proceeded to have intercourse with the gear-shift lever and most of the knobs on the dashboard? Nice story.
Here's a more likely version:
Ten minutes after drinking the love potion the girl collapses in convulsions. She goes to the hospital and Casanova goes to the clink.
If she lives (fifty-fifty chance), he gets off lightly.
If she dies, it's murder second.
Spanish fly is a great aphrodisiac-..for farm animals.
In humans the dose that works and the dose that kills are about the same.
There is one important use of Spanish fly for humans.
In greatly diluted form, it is a fair substitute for a mustard plaster.
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i thought their was only spanish fly around here today.rolling on the floor laughing seriously i think today it's ruthies or GHB the date rape drug how sickening to do that to a women im sure some guys have had that happened to. it's almost impossible to prove rape without a witness them being incapacitated and ashamed after most don't report it. if one of my sisters told me somebody did that to them the guy better be locked up i'd do serious damage . very mad what is mustard plaster ?
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