the girl of my dreams

the girl of my dreams is passionate is vocal is sweet honest loving caring not always innocent color doesn't matter money doesn't matter clothes doesn't matter country doesn't matter looks has to have good hygiene everything thing else comes along laterteddybear heart beating purple heart bouquet
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The girl of your dreams, would be the girl who will make you, discover yourself...
how is that i already know who i am
sweety... i'll be honest. That was confusing... (Or my brain is just not working. This sounds better)uh oh
sorry onofeathers saying what im looking forheart beating
Good luck, John........ Keep seeking hug
i will thanks my friend

how is that i already know who i am

Believe me.
No man "knows" who he is, till he meets the proper woman...!!!
ok my friend no problem
Makis! applause
hello johnny boy! wave
hello hugh my friend
keep searching bro...goodluckcheers
thanks big sister
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