I've been deceived yet once again, but my eyes are open, and am more aware....
The man I liked, told me he would show up to see me perform on Monday, well he was sick (supposedly) and he then told me he would like to see me perform last night, Tuesday, but he ditched on the idea, and decided to eat dinner with his friend.
Oh, and get this, he has the nerve to ask me if I can get another free ticket for Saturday to see the comic show, he wants to bring his friend. (Well, it's a sign.) He just wants to use me for a big lollipop, or just be friends. Especially if he flaked out on me. UGGHHHH!!!!

Well anyway, I do have some exciting news, I do have a job interview tomorrow at 4pm for a travel agency. So if you can say a few prayers for me I would appreciate it. I've been out of work since June 2009. Thanks! I'll keep you posted....
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we pray for you angel,,,and sory to hear about that expirience on the guy,,,ditch it,throw it sis,never let any one use you,,,goodluck on your job interviewbouquet handshake
may god bless you not only for a job but to find what you look for

uh oh
Thanks Jeddah,

Yes, I am tired of men walking over me. I deserve far better then that. I've gotten more experience by listening to what others have to say, instead of feeling GAGA over them immediately because thats when I fail to pay attention to the warning signs. Thanks for the good wishes for tomorrow's interview. I am feeling confident because I used to work for airlines before, and they are travel agency. But nervous because I hadn't been on interview for going on 4 years now. Ugghhh!


Thanks my friend. May God bless you in what you seek as well. I appreciate the thoughts and prayers. Can't hurt. God works in mysterious ways. At least blogging makes me feel more the better and less uptight about the situations.

I have made many good friends on this site and without friendships it is a lonely world out their. Thanks again for your well wishes.grin
I do comedy improv! I'm a pretty funny GAL. laugh
Dont worry angeleyes, someone is out there from you. Just learn from this. remember all the comments we gave you before this, remember that and move forward and next time you'll know.

sorry girl but rather wait for the right guy. god has your number...wink bouquet
Was only kidding angel ... then again ... i think (AND THIS IS ONLY MY OPINION) that this guy your talkin bout is somewhat of a BSer .... I'd kick him a*s goodbye!

I know someones out their for me. I am thinking positve thoughts. It's the only way I can make it through this...
I like that line: "God has your number" True. He will call me and tell me he's on his way into my life when he's good and ready and feels I am too.


Yes, I am begining to see the light at the end of his arse. Bogus how he did that to me. I'm so nice, and he just want to take advantage of a sweet innocent woman. So when I kick him in the arse should I use spurs that jingle jangle jingle?
laugh rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing laugh
rolling on the floor laughing

oh well, it happens girl. best to move on and let things be. happens to the best of us I guess.

best thing to do is find someone else and the jackass will kick his own a**.... devil
DONT THINK OF IT .. JUST THROW IT BEHIND YOUR BACK ...AND NEVER EVER LOOK !!! teddybear You're sweet , strong & a nice lady and you'll find another who ..will Kill his Time to be with YOU and only YOU ..and would die to see you everyday .. Never mind and move on I say ..
May god bless u and Im wishing you get the job of your dreams
Good luck sugar

A man I cared for once, told me once, perhaps God loves you so much HE was only protecting you, I mean really protecting you when this man did not come into your life. To save you heart-ache, burdon, and real disaster!
I will move on and let things be.

Yes, that would be nice, a guy who would like to see me just because, and not for any reason but to just say hello.


I believe you are right, God is protecting me from being hurt. He knows I am a sensitive person. And at this age, I don't need any heartaches and burdens.
Nicely said, I will take your words to heart.
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