dark sun

what if the sun goes dark and the universe is dying what would you do you only have a few hours to live
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I don't believe in death only in transformation. I would ignite my light body and meditate to shift into the next dimension. JMPBelieve
I'll grab the first fly laugh
sounds good
first flydoh frustrated
yeah...laugh I thought so wink
yes i would probably try to do my normal routine maybe
maybe i will go grab my ipod and start listening gospel music grin grin
my only wish would be, i wish i wasn't told. Hehehe. rolling on the floor laughing
make love to my man...cook our fav meal,..make love to him again..
have ice cream chips and what not..make love ..guess you get the pic rolling on the floor laughing
maybe to just fall in love once before the end
I'd probably need some valium drinking
i would say a prayer to all the souls that soon will find its way to heaven...and i wont forget to thank the Creator for this beautiful gift called life to share with lovely people around me...and for all the blessings and the joys...the happiness i have experienced during my life existence....I WOULD DEFINITELY TELL AND SHOW THE PEOPLE I LOVE HOW MUCH I LOVE THEM AND HOW I WILL MISS THEM SO MUCH..AND I WONT FORGET THEM TIL ETERNITY....angel
and this thought made me sad today...john....moping
laugh no i'd laugh really hard big difference .rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
hmmmm..some says laughing is good for stress...maybe i can laugh with u too...laugh
laugh sure we could laugh together laugh and then hold each other tight real tight .wink lol because after we finish making love were going to die. blushing rolling on the floor laughing
dont hold me too tight i may die first bec.of suffocation hehehehhe...laugh
laugh or my body weight would crush you rolling on the floor laughing see were off to a good start were forgetting were about to die. rolling on the floor laughing we win. lol
were not going to die yet are we??????

yippeeeeeee....applause applause applause
well we got a few hours left before the sun goes dark watcha thinking baby.wink rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
im thinking should i eat my favorite food???????hmmm...im hungry..laugh
hmmm im thinking the same thing mmmmmmm.blushing im starving .banana rolling on the floor laughing
icecream???chocolates...wooowww...all my favorite...wow thumbs up
mmmmmmm yeah me to whip cream strawberries pineapples hot chocolate hot oil hot chocolate . im hot now.blushing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
barf hot oil and chocolates??how does it taste????eeewww...blues
i said hot chocolate twice it's coming it's happening the sun has eclipsed oooooooooh.rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
laugh they got edible flavored hot oil girl where have you been.roll eyes rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
i just now heard sun eclipse..hehheheheh..ur hilarious....rolling on the floor laughing tongue dont fool me...its not full moon yet...tongue scold
yah i know but chocolate and hot oil???wow i think hot oil is used only with hair....am i right??oooppssss..dont confuse me....weehhehhehheheheheh!!!!tongue
syclobs....love yah...cheers peace
laugh see we forgot all about that were going to die thing we laughed right through it.rolling on the floor laughing now were the only two humans left on earth . im scared hold me.blushing rolling on the floor laughing
love ya to sweetheart were safe now.laugh cheers angel peace
ok syclobs..ill be ur light when ur world is dark...ill protect u mmy friend....who will hurt u..wait ill wear my gear...sir bobby boxing

ill make sure ur safe....cool
thanks your like my babysitter im crying lol but now im better wheir were you when tight pants was assaulting me it was vicious im frightened again hold me.rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
who is tight pants????im working i guess...laugh
oh nobody just history now. lol working on what.grin dancing bouquet
working for my future..hheeeheheheh...well work...doing my job to get compensated...conversing
oh gotcha doh lol like that donna summer song. laugh or bette midler working 9 to 5 huh sweetheart . what a way to make a living .laugh teddybear
yeah...its hard to earn money..money makes the world go round...do u agree?????frustrated
im in the rat race to 9 to 5.laugh yep thats what makes it go round and round . i'll turn you right round baby right round like a record baby right round round record .rolling on the floor laughing grin
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