Just when you think you connect with someone, they vanish. Do you ever get tired of telling your whole life over and over again to strangers? Right now I have no heart to continue doing this. How many times have I said Hi I am so and so and blah, blah, blah. (Now I am sounding like you, cute lil Moon-love)LOL. Just ranting a bit.
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i know its not easy but one day youl see things will happen goodluck
Thank you, John, you are sweet!
I feel the same and I haven't being doing this very long. I'll give it time. Good luck Calliopesgirl grin
There has to be a great Irish guy for you, Delight, haven't you seen"PS I Love You"? I swore I would marry an Irish man after that movie (Except my kids are half Irish! lol) Thanks
but you could lie something different about yourself for diversity blushing
Undine, cannot lie, it is against my personal mores
the truth isent dangerous, its just that it can kill you.
may be u tell a lil more than other person's willing to listen....try to hide the interesting parts next time...and strive to listen..it will work
Well are ya sayin I talk too much? Your drivin me nuts, you talk toooooo much.doh
Ben, seek the truth...it shall set you free!!!!
i am free, the darkness has set me free, in all its black glory.devil
sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh
Is there no hope for Ben, Come back to our next episode of....Darkness overtakes C.S. or Is Ben really the devil or is it a fake front with a marshmellow underneath?
The Dark Angel

I awoke in the half light, and turned to watch you stretch your angelic wings, flapping them gently, your naked beauty by the window, surreal in its perfection, and even in this moment of heaven, I dreaded the dawn, I had flown to you in the night, and hid from you in the darkness, that I was a dark angel, my wings are black. Now I dread the dawn that you will see, I am not perfect in your eyes, but the dawn creeps slowly, I have at least another while with you, neither the heavens, nor hell, pleased that a white, and dark angel shared the night. I stirred a little sleepily upon the bed, and felt your soft hand come around me, and I trilled as your soft scented breath, caressed my neck, and spoke my name, come my Ben, fly with me.
hey this thread is supposed to be about me, me ,me!
well....you dint understand....you might not talk alot but it can be more than other person's will to listen........

"this blog is abt me me me!"......i hope u don't take relationships like BLOGS as well.......

no need to get crazy....just relax, have coffee and think calmly. may be "me, me, me" is where the issue lies. best of luck
Essjay, I have learned that to pour negative energy into something will give me negative energy back. And positive energy the same. Feeling like your life is full of blessings so you pour it back on others, are you?
And I was trying to be "humorous" not have someone "kick the dog when they are down" alert
Unfortunately it is not your job to teach me those things. I will leave that up to my creator. Perhaps a little kindness goes a long way-So, may God Bless you and May He keep you and may His face smile upon all the days of your life and your childrens.
It is very tiring and I don't do that. I only exchange short funny messages with people and if they want to know me better I give them my MSN. I don't have time for chat either, so I decided to arrange a few phone calls or video chats via MSN and 30 minutes of each will decide for us both do we want to continue our contact or not. I don't have time for letters and long messages and several-hours chats. I did that when I was younger and it was fun, but in reality none of those people weren't much fun and some of them I even never met. So, it was a waste of time in the end. But, as I said, it was fun then. Now, it isn't fun any more, so it's time to find a different approach. grin
YOu could be right Lady
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