WHY American are Still Hangang IN Afganistan

hello To all of my friend ! this is a big question that Why Taliban Defeated the Super power of Russia and why the super power American and all the NATO army are still hanging in Afganistan and now they American Army have try how to fuk out from the Afganistan (SHAME FOR THE ARMERICAN ARMY )
It is very sameless to the USA and NATO that they did not defeated the small no of Taliban Army
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War is just another way to make money and they never brought their war to their own soil. Unless the civil war will happen again. If it is france then yes i think revolution mite happen again. But if its america? I doubt it.
Good day.
After 9/11/2001 America has a responsibility to defeat terrorism. The Taliban want to turn the clock back a few centuries and keep women in bondage. Terrorism is happening in many countries around the world. Only through a unified response can this menace be defeated.
Same could be said about the Turks and the Kurds,which has been going on considerably longer,and Turkey hasn't defeated them yet!laugh
The Taliban Army has won that why troops are still there.

Actaully we're to scared to fight S. Arabia
The Taliban didn't defeat the Russians and haven't beaten the US/Aus/Brit/NATO forces. They have simply just survived by running and hiding.

I disagree with the occupation. An invasion of Saudi Arabia would have been more relevant after 9/11...but that was never going to happenlaugh Apparentley Osama Bin Laden is in Pakistan now...

The Taliban seem to want to force the Afganistan people to live in the dark ages so maybe their own people should eradicate them? Although this seems to be the problem with whole West vs Islamic terrorism thing. The terrorists should be publicly denounced and prosecuted by their own people.
You are next for invading Cyprus....
Coming from Turkey you are obviously jaded and prejudiced toward America. In fact, you are frustrated by the success we've had in Iraq and by the success we've had with drone strikes along the border. Afghanistan was a training ground for those who attacked us and is a wonderful staging area for us to continue our assault on those who would attack again. Look to your own people to stop this madness and come out of the dark ages they continue to dwell in. Clean up your own act!
Afghan Taliban are a CIA funded force that got out of control and turned against them. The founding of Taliban by US was aimed at achieving its strategic objective to encircle china, keep an eye on Russia, Iran and have a base to watch over the Middle East. Afghanistan was the poorest place for them to get a hold of.

They funded Taliban, supplied them unlimited weaponry and training. That's how the stone-age people are able to fight an army of 28 countries (NATO)for 10 years. Since USA attacked afghanistan, it has become the largest opium producer in the world. WOW! More innocent civilians have died than actual Talibans during US attacks.

Iraq, the WMDs were that reason for attack. After killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people, No WMDs were found.

Now USA wants to get out of Afghanistan by dumping the crap on Pakistan. So they created Taliban in Pakistan too, and gave them unlimited supply of weapons and money. So much so that these terrorist have been fighting with our military. Attacking our cities with suicide bombings and creating unrest. We have crushed them in Pakistan and have asked NATO to seal our border with Afghanistan, but USA always shys away. They don't even let us seal the border. Cos then the terrorism would end and so the business of top weapons manufacturers of the World. USA tops it.

Osama, Obama, for us they probably drink together everyday, laughing on how this region is messed up.

But we are adamant on flusing terrorism out of our soil. And we would! As we now know how vested insterests first fund the conflict, to get a reason to attack, then fuel to conflict to get a reason to stay.
Pakistan is the frontline ally on the war on terror and we are pying the most expensive price for it when it is not our War. doh
Further. Liberal minds should be able to research on their own to understand the factual situation.

Please consult the Book by Bob Woodword "THE OBAMA WARS". It tells the real story of what the hell is this war about.

Bob is the same Washington Post reporter who unearthed the Watergate Scandal that eventually led to the resignation by US president Nixon.

Secondly, Wikileaks told the untold stories of brutalities of US war on innocent humans.

Also, Paul Craig Roberts, the former editor of Wall Street Journal and a former Assistant Secretary of U.S. Treasury in the Ronald Reagan Administration. His article below, on the same topic, is quite interesting.

The article title is "The war on Terror, what's it all about?" By Paul Craig Roberts.

Also, please consult with what U.S. Senator and the Presidentail candidate Ron Paul has to say on the topic. doh
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