Live, Laugh, Love

Although rainy mondays always seem to get me down, I'm going to turn that frown upside down.

I'm going to laugh till my stomach hurts and I'm going to smile till my jaws get tired.

I'm going to think POSITIVE and throw out any NEGATIVE in the garbage. I am Lover not a Fighter.

I am going to guard my heart.

I am special, and that's all that matters, God created us in his image, and each and everyone of us are unique. Just feel how special you are.

Don't give up hope, don't give up on life, don't let anyone get you down. God will never give you anything he doesn't think you'd be able to handle, nor will he ever abandon you. He challenges us, and we just need to work through and solve our problems.

So look on the bright side, the sun will always come out tomorrow if not today. angel comfort and peace to all who read this blog.
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well said angel,,always on the bright side of lifehug bouquet

U know it. Seeing things on the Positive side of life makes life a whole lot sweeter...
yes angel,lets just be what we are,we dont have to be pretentious,,its not worth living as pretenders,,,i like your style angel,,nice to have a good real friend in here,,,we are alike,,so birds in thesame feather flocks together,lol..have a nice day always angelbouquet wine
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