New songs coming soon!

I have 3 new songs coming up!! I`m just a walking artist slathered in greatness I guess.

Vigilante Justice is about me and my friends taking back what`s ours emotionally, physically, psychologically from broken relationships in the past.

Unnamed-is still in it`s infancy, but it starts out all happy and sunshiney and creeps into sorrow, storms, and clouds.

I Rock The Pigtails-yes, finally, a party song. Every girl should have one. When I was in kindergarden I often wore pigtails, and no matter how old I get, I still rock it! So this one is for those gals who still rock it!

I better get me some shut eye, but I`ll leave a massive life-update later on this week!! And...I added some new pics=)
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what is your Genre is it rock or heavy metal, i lkie them, if it si other genre count me outdancing
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